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InteractionFlat7318 t1_jayitiq wrote

Sexual harassment isn’t an illness. It’s a crime…


Smtxom t1_jaykuod wrote

Now now. No need to go ruining this nice white fellows career over some flirtatious exchanges. We don’t even know what she was wearing when it happened.


Kailaylia t1_jaylji8 wrote

Oh, is this another one?

I thought it was the one who was pummeling a younger man's penis.


BillTowne t1_jb23r52 wrote

Get your Republican Sex scandal Score card here.

Can't kept track without a score cared.


VoDoka t1_jazkwsu wrote

Dunno, we might catch some upsides from starting to label toxic masculinity as mental illness instead of a batch of honor...


SilasX t1_jb0ceyr wrote

Agreed, but, I mean, they use the same logic for other things, like alcoholism and kleptomania.


MRmandato t1_jayy2qh wrote

From the article it only mentions an issue with alcohol maybe it’s that


Seantwist9 t1_jaypnem wrote

The crime is cause of the illness


birdsonly t1_jaz8hmi wrote

Weird how people are downvoting you. This guy is awful but it doesn’t change the fact that this does in fact stem from illness, trauma, a combination of both.


Mitthrawnuruo t1_jayk8d3 wrote

According the article this behavior goes back at least four years. Additionally he is a drunk.

And was allowed to sit on the house judiciary committee.


yeaphatband t1_jayiafn wrote

To me it doesn't matter what party you are from, if you have multible, credible accusations of sexual harrassment then you should resign and fight (if you feel you must) in court.


freemason777 t1_jay7xnz wrote

Expecting criminals to go around punishing themselves is nonsense


Responsible_Meet_528 OP t1_jay315l wrote

Rep. Zabel stated, “I also will not accept any other committee assignments at this time so that I can better focus on my family, my treatment, and my recovery.”


Daddy-o62 t1_jaypepa wrote

Alcoholism is a disease. Sex Pest is a lifestyle.


According-Classic658 t1_jaz3jl0 wrote

Holy shit he's a Democrat, anyway fuck that guy.


TacoCommand t1_jazx295 wrote

Yeah, I'm all for tossing people out of Congress regardless of party.

My family: but [Democrat] did a thing too!

Me: cool toss them in a jail cell alongside Gaetz and Jordan.

Family: wait, what?

Me: You heard me.


OldWierdo t1_jaz6ud6 wrote

On the plus side, even if the guy is a loser, then democratic party seems to be much more honorable overall - if you did wrong, go. Cuomo comes to mind. Everyone told him to get out.

Time for another to go.


defusted t1_jb0ltl5 wrote

This is one of those few times where Republicans get to watch Democrats say to fire a Democrat. Why? Because the guy is a scum bag and, like Democrats have been saying, shitty people need to be held accountable.


Bumm_by_Design t1_jay3hms wrote

What's this illness called? Wrong answers only.


Shibbystix t1_jayv2ej wrote


Oh you said WRONG answers....



DrPat1967 t1_jaz608f wrote

Dude is a democrat….. just sayin’


Shibbystix t1_jaz6d8e wrote

I mean, you're totally right, a piece of shit is a piece of shit, no matter the side, I've just seen so much of the right quoting the great MXPX with "responsibility, what's that?" That I'm surprised it's finally the left again


link-is-legend t1_jayw67m wrote

It’s sociopathy but nobody seems to want to say it so I guess it’s wrong until it’s named 🤷🏼‍♀️


RiskHour2275 t1_jaytxf0 wrote

Nope. Get rid of him. We don't want ppl like that on our side.


Beautiful_Fee1655 t1_jay7ly3 wrote

Best "treatment" would be a good swift kick in the (rhymes with) you-know-whats.


bubbynee t1_jaz0q6g wrote

Does he work for Veridian Dynamics?


appa-ate-momo t1_jaz79wc wrote

I'm so sickened and shocked that our default answer to lawmakers breaking the law is 'gosh, I hope they resign'. How about we stop 'pressuring' them to quit, and work to take the choice out of their hands?


Jace_Te_Ace t1_jayz5jd wrote

He looks weird for a drag queen.


Hzrd72 t1_jayxb8c wrote

Going to guess that he did a gut check and can fix it? Somewhere on the way he'll assure everyone that god forgave him? I don't have the script in front of me. Feel free to comment all the tripe I have forgotten.


Affectionate-Goat896 t1_jb08nrm wrote

Sounds like he probably does have a mental health and addiction problem.


Kcidobor t1_jayuhkc wrote

Looks like Pawnee’s Bill Dexhart found a new job


OldWierdo t1_jaz6iyk wrote

Okay, fine, he won't resign. Fire him.


DamnBunny t1_jaz9i1u wrote

Isn't that what the monkey did in South Park?


Koffeekage t1_jazkkpz wrote

If Harrisburg became the new centralia it would be a benefit to the commonwealth.


capGpriv t1_jb050sw wrote

Castration is effective treatment


MastermindX t1_jb0cvg2 wrote

He's powerless against this terrible disease!


masterofn0n3 t1_jb0p9hi wrote

Are there treatment centers for Republicanism?


mt8675309 t1_jb12mrj wrote

He’s learned how to duck from Republicans evidently.


ThisIsGooseV2 t1_jb12pps wrote

Wasn't this the whole premise in a Better of Ted episode?


DauOfFlyingTiger t1_jaz3ozx wrote

Is there treatment for being an asshole? It must be new.


mmmmpisghetti t1_jaz07ok wrote

Wow. Not a Republican. I'm shocked.


DrPat1967 t1_jaz638d wrote

Criminal sexual behavior is not bound by politics.


mmmmpisghetti t1_jaz67v9 wrote

It just seems that most of the ones that come up are on a particular side of the aisle, that's all.


OldWierdo t1_jaz76yp wrote

Mostly on one, but a number on the other. Cuomo comes to mind. He was accused, so Dems called for an investigation. Investigation said he did it, so Dems called for resignation before having to fire him.

Republicans don't take responsibility. They just defend their guys regardless of what they do, like talk about how hot their own children are. That's why the real sickos gravitate towards them now. Doesn't matter what they do, they will be defended. Democrats tend to demand accountability.


jljonsn t1_jaz85ie wrote

Republican right?


TacoCommand t1_jazx83o wrote

Surprisingly no, for once.

But unlike the GOP, I expect Democrats to kick this sex pest out fairly quickly.


skaliton t1_jazgo5l wrote

Somehow I'm sure without looking we know (R) is next to his name. The party of drunken rapists, pedophiles, barely literate cultists....just a normal day where they are caught and their base will vote for them next time anyway


ImmoralityPet t1_jazmpht wrote

Bold of you to assume a Republican would admit that he has a problem.


defusted t1_jb0ljiw wrote

Democrat, but I can see why you'd think it's a republican off the bat. But a republican wouldn't admit he has a problem, his voters would cheer him on.


WoWMHC t1_jayox3d wrote

I can tell he’s a democrat because it wasn’t the first word in the article lmao


Guntcher1423 t1_jaytt64 wrote

Funny. I thought he was GOP because he wouldn't resign.


WoWMHC t1_jaywmmp wrote

Santos is a criminal scumbag. You have no power here hahahah