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beerbaconblowjob t1_jayt785 wrote

Haven’t you heard, being fit is now republican and being overweight is now liberal. There’s no body positivity movement on the right, and the left is has taken personal responsibility out of the equation.


sexybimbogf t1_jb0t19v wrote

the left is coming to take your treadmills 😡😡😡


prefer-to-stay-anon t1_jb2hdi4 wrote

The no personal responsibility thing is so funny to me, because articles like this show demonstrably that societal changes can create massive differences in outcomes.

Differences in food culture, walkability, having more free time where you are interacting with the world, they all make significant differences in the outcome of healthy weight.

Sure, personal responsibility does matter, I lost 50 pounds when I needed to, but on a population level, forcing systemic change is far easier than just wishing people would be better. In Europe, people get exercise through the gym of life, here, we take our car from garage to parking lot because there aren't safe and comfortable sidewalks and bike paths. That difference matters.