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OSJ99 t1_jb08wkf wrote

“We are living in a secular country and must have respect for all religions and in Hinduism, the belief and faith is that cow is representative of divine and natural beneficence and should therefore be protected and venerated" is kind of a paradoxical sentence


sloppyredditor t1_jb0dpja wrote

The original texts stating this law are securely stored in a mooseum.


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Larkson9999 t1_jb31cf0 wrote

So shave before death, gotcha.


Low-Ad-1092 t1_jb6czty wrote

America need sentencing like this


WasteAd9692 t1_jb7q2jp wrote

Hard sentencing will not magically make the american justice system start working


Msfracture t1_jb3ym4d wrote

God doesn't cast people into hell for killing cows. Man cannot sentence people to hell.


Harambememes69 t1_jb4jyyv wrote

He's not. He's just telling about the stuff that is in Hindu religious texts (he's a muslim himself)


meggarox t1_jb2ta5t wrote

Approximately 5 million years in hell.

To be fair, murdering an animal is a heinous act. Hunting and farming are definitely not as morally reprehensible, but outright murder?

If there is a God, it will know your intentions surely, and you will be damned for giving in to killing intent. It's not for a court to decide, they should just imprison you for being a murderous danger to all that is civilized. Your eternal judgment ought to come after.


uniqualykerd t1_jb0eskm wrote

How is this onion material? It's quite literally what they believe and how they structured their laws. Nobody should be surprised by this.