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xcs4me t1_jb142hj wrote

That's the reality of trying to actually fix real problems. People have different ideas and solutions. The right invents fake issues to achieve the solutions they want which is how they stay on the same page on most things.


SellDonutsAtMyDoor t1_jb15pjc wrote

And then, when it becomes clear that their issues are hot air and that they've done untold damage while everyone was distracted, they pile all of the responsibility onto the outgoing leader and say the new one will be different (again).


huntimir151 t1_jb2cclm wrote

This is an article about Irish politics, for the people coming in here to say something super insightful about US politics.


Savage_low2 t1_jb31rcm wrote

That’s the fun part; the US doesn’t have a left


victordudu t1_jb0yrul wrote

always, sadly.

guys, have a good fight and settle things.


yuligan t1_jb1hea4 wrote

The right wing is dedicated to the class interests of the bourgeoisie, they just want to maintain the current system by ensuring division amongst the workers and preventing any and all unionisation.The left wing on the other hand is saddled with the problem of actually changing things for the majority of humanity.

The more centrist leftwingers do all right, they barely want to change anything: Labour Leader Keir Starmer has gone back on his election promises to keep the party left wing. Thanks to incredible Tory incompetence over the past decade he has a good shot at PM next election (assuming that the voter ID laws aimed at preventing people more likely to vote left wing don't get rolled out permenantly).

The social democrats who want to modify capitalism to help the poor slightly are fought tooth and nail and have insults hurled at them from every direction for any little thing. There was a study by the LSE done that showed 75% of the reporting on Jeremy Corbyn lied about him, not 50% as you might expect from some left-right divide, but 75%!

Actual communists? Enemies of the state at home and abroad, to be killed in droves whenever possible. Organise military coups to put fascists in power so they can deal with them for us.

These different groups can't work together because they all want radically different things. This sort of left unity is impossible, PBP is a social democratic group and the centrists in Social Democrats (confusing I know) would rather work with right wingers than them.


Kind_Bullfrog_4073 t1_jb27vo5 wrote

Biden:"We need to be united."

Bernie: "Yeah come to my side."

Biden: "No come to my side."


Rabble rabble rabble rabble


huntimir151 t1_jb2c8bk wrote

Yeah you didn't read the article did you lol, this is about Ireland.