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InternetPeon t1_jecrxsh wrote

Sure, this is worthy of government action and taxpayer dollars.

Way to dig into the big issues NC.


blazelet t1_jedkjoo wrote

Small government republicans, constantly working to ensure government do the smallest things.


FelixVulgaris t1_jecze52 wrote

People who invented participation trophies for their kids try to score political points by making a show of getting rid of them.

Weather at 10. Back to you Ronnie!


blazelet t1_jedkqgb wrote

Killer comment - this is the game.

Their kids are special, everyone else's are either priviliged shits or immigrants.


WimpyLimpet t1_jecse5c wrote

More culture war BS to distract from the real issues.


blazelet t1_jedkl5w wrote

Agree completely, but what would you define as "the real issues" ?


FawksyBoxes t1_jef4a31 wrote

Universal healthcare, gun control, ensuring people's basic medical rights are protected.


dougaderly t1_jed02jl wrote

Took me years to figure out the "small" in small government used the "petty" definition of small.


GrandPriapus t1_jecz18r wrote

“Participation trophies” are nothing new. In the 1949 short Junior Rodeo Daredevils the kids all get participation trophies (awards for tryin’) at the end. Seeing as boomers would only have 3-years-old at the time, I’d suggest this isn’t a modern phenomenon.


rileyoneill t1_jedyl8j wrote

Participation trophies came around in the 1920s and were most popular in the 60s, when the boomers were kids, and didn't become controversial until the 1990s, when Millennials were kids.


vacri t1_jed03g0 wrote

"party of small government"...


blazelet t1_jedkt0l wrote

They are the party of big government and their game is trickle up economics.


SmokePot t1_jed0zcj wrote

Confederate states are governed by drooling idiots


imnotsoho t1_jedgp4z wrote

I think we should eliminate participation paychecks for NC Senators. If you don't accomplish anything this month you get no check.


microgiant t1_jeecq8o wrote

How about if we reclassify the Civil War as a Youth Sport? Then all those Confederate monuments are banned.


SharanskyWailer t1_jed04dg wrote

One of them's the guy who interrogated the TikTok CEO, isn't it?

"Can TikTok access mah home Wah-Fah?"


CitationNeededBadly t1_jeehwzx wrote

Get your act together boomers. First some of you invent participation trophies, then others of you complain that youngsters are all soft, but are clueless that it was your own generation that caused it.


disdkatster t1_jeczf2t wrote

JHC what is wrong with these folk!? Talk about micro-managing. What happen to the party of personal freedom? I guess that only applies to corporations now days.


RMSQM t1_jedku46 wrote

Literally nothing is too petty for them.


jwm3 t1_jeglcg8 wrote

I'm just reminded of when GOB Bluth bought the trophy store.


Jman50k t1_jeer046 wrote

No kid ever asked for one, so…


hotfezz81 t1_jee0tyr wrote

Reddit: participation awards are stupid

Also reddit: a republican tried to ban them? I love participation awards


FawksyBoxes t1_jef4ozk wrote

More like, "Why are they focusing on this and not establishing universal healthcare, gun control, or protecting basic medical rights for people."


HaAnotherLlama t1_jecwtq1 wrote

ngl... I support this.


diagnosedwolf t1_jecxdsj wrote

I don’t. One thing I object to more than “everyone gets a trophy for showing up” is the actual government telling me that I may not give out random prizes.

Like, what? Why are senators discussing this? School teachers should be discussing this.