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Bokbreath t1_jb31a6o wrote

That's just wife swapping with extra steps


Kind_Bullfrog_4073 t1_jb345f6 wrote

Or husband swapping depending on how you look at it.


PrecariouslySane t1_jb369xl wrote

It's gonna end in angry swinger orgy sex either way


Willinton06 t1_jb440g5 wrote

I look at it hidden on the closet with a Superman shirt


generally_sane t1_jb617kg wrote

I think they should just switch to polyamory and swap relationships with each other after every fight. It'll keep things sparring and fresh.


Naturn t1_jb32xlm wrote

Or is that how you legally swap wives? Lol


Ahelex t1_jb3sxgo wrote

Or: Wipe swapping with extra sex.


chopstyks t1_jb5coyu wrote

Wipe swapping is unhygienic.


KeepAwaySynonym t1_jb5r2q0 wrote

Right!? It's so gross when my brother gives me back my "girlfriend" (fleshlight) without washing her out.

Even worse is when you don't realize it before going to town.


chopstyks t1_jb6gvbi wrote

So you don't appreciate the pre lubrication? What an ungrateful brother!


ImSoupOrCereal t1_jb3d5kl wrote

Funny story from the early 90's: this apparently played out in my small town elementary school. I was in 4th grade when shit really hit the fan and all the divorces/marriages happened. I obviously didn't know or understand the drama at the time, but I just grew up thinking it was normal for teachers to swap last names. My 1st grade teacher all of a sudden had my 3rd grade teacher's name and vice versa. It wasn't until (embarrassingly) much later that adult me thought about it was like "ooohhhh, that must've been quite the spicy gossip back in the day."


geo_prog t1_jb5qo6s wrote

In grade 7 my science teacher was Mrs. Marchand, married to french teacher Mr. Marchand. The teacher in the adjoining classroom was Mr. Holowka. Between the two classrooms was a storage room that had access from both classrooms but no access from the hallway. Basically a shared closet. Halfway through grade 8 Mrs. Marchand became Ms. Luke (her unmarried name) and Mr. Marchand got into a fight with Mr. Holowka. In grade 9 it was Mrs. Holowka and Mr. Marchand no longer taught at the school.

You just know that storage room was the site of many dirty deeds.


gemstatertater t1_jb42qvu wrote

Did you ever get the story????


ImSoupOrCereal t1_jb6c4oq wrote

Not the spicy details unfortunately, but apparently they found some sort of "normal" because all three (husband of 3rd grade and then 1st grade teacher was also a high school teacher) stayed with the school district and in the same schools. For all I know, there was some sort of true wife swap that was amicable to all parties (doubtful, but we're talking small town Missouri so not out of the question lol).


sravll t1_jb41q5f wrote

No cheating or revenge involved but my ex husband is the partner of my current partners ex wife. We're all friends.


flowersermon9 t1_jb4srok wrote

One of my best friends parents are the same way and everyone still gets along, goes on vacations together, etc. I thought it was weird at first but no one in his actual family did so I guess I was the weird one. I had no idea this was so common!


Swaqqmasta t1_jb5drsa wrote

It's certainly not common but I've known people like this as well. It's harder with kids involved, but I've seen that too parents split up but stayed friendly and ended up doing a lot of "big family" style gatherings with both bio parents and their new partners all being involved in the kids lives and being friendly

It was weird for me to see as a kid but now I'm just really impressed


Cynical_Thinker t1_jb57jkf wrote

My parents did this as well. Had no idea that was where all my pettiness came from.


v3ritas1989 t1_jb5kzui wrote

Probably interesting for the children too. I actually have a family name that has no relation to my biological parents. The names were just carried over from another marriage. Not so funny though if you then date the daughter of the other couple and everyone else in school thinks you are dating your cousin.


Emanemanem t1_jb3fjus wrote

This situation actually happened to some friends mine. Except it wasn’t revenge, it just kind of happened.

Both couples were good friends with one another, there was an affair between two of the partners in the relationship, very messy breakup, etc etc. The cheating partners both moved out and eventually got married. In the aftermath, the non-cheating partners ended up together.


jihadijohhn t1_jb4ci2e wrote

What happened to the cheaters? Did they lived happily ever after


InflatableLabboons t1_jb4er9x wrote

I know a couple of couples who did this. Cheaters broke up many moons ago. The cheatees are still together. The female cheater was such a pious twat. Just feel sorry for the kids involved in a very messy situation.


Worldatmyfingertips t1_jb4mhdn wrote

Just looked up pious because my definition was exact opposite of yours and here I am learning that you can use it sarcastically to mean the opposite (in a sense)


FindorKotor93 t1_jb4p53e wrote

No. in context it means a holier than thou religious narcissist. Someone who espouses their own righteousness, forgives their own transgressions but hates those that don't make them feel like their faith is special. It's not a matter of sarcasm, it's just the fact that faith is a form of narcissism and so those most addicted to it are as hypocritical as you'd expect.


InflatableLabboons t1_jb4w79j wrote

I couldn't encapsulate her better than that... Especially having espoused the sanctity of marriage a year previously.


ARedditToPassTheTime t1_jb4gyxv wrote

I know a partner swap that happened almost a couple decades ago. The cheaters are still together, the cheatees broke up a long time ago. The cheaters were otherwise such good people, and the cheatees were both kind of pompous pricks.


Asatas t1_jb5wdyt wrote

My cheating ex at some point bought an apartment with her co-worker , also new partner, also same sport club. Seems happy because they can actually stand seeing each other 24/7/3+years. I'm not even mad bc I couldn't.


RubyJuneRocket t1_jb3ebjx wrote

Shania Twain


DaveOJ12 t1_jb3eyix wrote

I was trying to unpack that one, but there's a lot to unpack. Lol.

I'll give it a shot.

Twain meets Lange and marries him.

Lange has an affair with Twains best friend and they divorced.

Twain marries the husband of Twains best friend the same year.


Edelkern t1_jb3tkvm wrote

I doubt the couple that eloped actually cares, they made it pretty clear they don't want their previous partners. It's a pretty weak revenge.


-LexVult- t1_jb456bd wrote

Yeah, the only way revenge is applied is if one of the people who eloped still loved their partner. Which in most cases they wouldn't have eloped in the first place if they love their partner.

This honestly sounds like weird copium trying to soften the fact that their spouse doesn't love them and went to be with someone else. There was no revenge. Just two broken hearted people trying to cope and feel better about their shit situation.


NydNugs t1_jb4e080 wrote

Although it's pretty engrained in culture / worldview that you can only ever love one, it creates a fallacy because it's also accepted that true love can still be found after a husband/wife passes away. I actually believe it's the best evidence of the potential for multi-love. I bet it would still hurt them.


Mista_Cash_Ew t1_jb5fe36 wrote

You don't have to love someone to feel hurt by them. It could still hurt their egos that their exes moved on easily or the belief that the exes will be talking shit to each other behind their backs


[deleted] t1_jb3sre7 wrote



NydNugs t1_jb4djp4 wrote

Sounds like some dodgy two birds one stone move. No guarantee she wouldn't exerted control over him in the future either, she doesn't respect the hearts of others.


Accomplished-Ad4334 t1_jb6cqjq wrote

Yeah she would come over and fuck her ex and write all over our camp that she loves him. She’d tell him that she wasn’t together with my ex, and then bring my ex to our campsite with her. She’s on a power trip fersure. It’s a shame my ex didn’t see it.


NydNugs t1_jb6gz66 wrote

That would ruin everything for me, I hope you were able to have a good time.


Accomplished-Ad4334 t1_jb6hqcs wrote

It was an extremely hard experience for me. It sucks because I’ve been going to festivals for years, and love that counterculture. I loved the art and everything and the people I met (mostly) were incredibly lovely. But I was out there for a month and had to watch my partner of 5 years fawn over someone else and I had to live with someone else who wouldn’t shut up about her. Plus living in a harsh environment in a tent? It was hard.

I’d love to go back someday with friends but couldn’t say I have a desire to go anytime soon!


mldt015 t1_jb3lhga wrote

Shania Twain’s love life


Juxtapoisson t1_jb3eg69 wrote

I do like things to be efficient.


Fluffy_Mood5781 t1_jb3qiqa wrote

This sounds like a coke fueled executive 2005 sitcom. With some name like “spouse swap” or “marriage mixup”


gr8snapper2good4u t1_jb3xn5f wrote

Isn’t this what happened with Shania Twain and Mutt Lange ?


Sonyguyus t1_jb3z1zl wrote

I would at least hope the other woman had a say in marrying a man who wanted to get back at his ex.


AUkion1000 t1_jb41jii wrote

Trade offer
I receive : Your shitty wife- You receive : My shitty wife


SadLaser t1_jb4e59b wrote

How is this revenge? "You left me to be with another man so I'll marry the woman your new husband ditched to be with you! That'll show you! I'm sure you're really steamed that I married some other person instead of you, despite you... ditching me...! Yeah, revenge!"


Defaulted1364 t1_jb4rues wrote

Did something kinda similar recently, guy I was dating ditched me to go on a date with this girl he liked and then had the nerve to ask me to drive her home for him before we hung out, well she didn’t know about me and we kept in contact, guess which of the two of us are currently dating


pk666 t1_jb40dhc wrote

Sounds like sex comedy from the 70s. And I am here for it.


technerdswe t1_jb453px wrote

Is it really revenge though? “Hah! I married the man/wife you dumped! Gotcha!”


Bigtb64 t1_jb4oncd wrote

That’ll show ‘em!


forrestpen t1_jb575uy wrote

I'm assuming there was some divorces in between those steps.


LordPoopyIV t1_jb5a8zg wrote

If you base a relationship on revenge i imagine your partners might have a good reason for leaving you


SevroAuShitTalker t1_jb5dcet wrote

This is the plot of a rom com. Or one of the murder mysteries on ID. 50/50 either way


peensteen t1_jb5ic6b wrote

Dude stole my wife revenge plan.

Step 1: Marry HIS wife and end up supporting his children.

Step 2: ???

Step 3: Profit!


patteh11 t1_jb64dm9 wrote

The actual reality version of wifeswap


thereisafrx t1_jb3qpdc wrote

There’s a great country music song about this:


Gotta go give it a listen now.


arkofjoy t1_jb3roa2 wrote

This story should be a Netflix series.


zstandig t1_jb3u0ff wrote

Quick, somebody buy the rights and make a romantic comedy!


Chiinoe t1_jb3ukoc wrote

What in the White Lotus is this?


runitius t1_jb4ng17 wrote

Netflix rn: “write this down”


the_obiwan t1_jb4nnr2 wrote

Isn't that the plot of the music video for "Gives You Hell"?


Earnastus t1_jb4t21s wrote

What an idiot. He was free! Then he runs of and gets married again.


DennisHakkie t1_jb4tt2m wrote

Wait, you are telling me it ISN’T okay to bang the ex of your best mate for fun?


KornyKingKeNobi t1_jb4vybk wrote

as fucked up it is for everyone involved ... it's fucking hilarious haha


srrymydog8yrtwinkie t1_jb4wpka wrote

I worked for a couple who did this in the States in the 90's.


xustos t1_jb4wz7d wrote

Jeff bezos vibe


ATC_av8er t1_jb4x36l wrote

Is it sad that before I opened the article, I was expecting Florida Man to be behind this one?


BozoidBob t1_jb4xkvl wrote

And they all lived happily ever after?/s


thomdharmapollard t1_jb4xspy wrote

Kind of an extreme and expensive way to exact revenge, let alone the possibility that the new wife is a virago lol


JRom89 t1_jb528ok wrote

I think they’re gonna make it


henchman171 t1_jb53hyo wrote

Didn’t this happen to Shania Twain?


HumaDracobane t1_jb55tt5 wrote

This would be the pic associated to the uno-reverse card


swissbernie t1_jb58ord wrote

Happens every fortnight by me at the swingers club, I’ve never been - mind you.


Jester252 t1_jb5f6zj wrote

Revenge? sounds more like a solid trade to me.


paxrom2 t1_jb5fc2n wrote

This is what happened to Shania Twain.


supermanmjm t1_jb5hc2w wrote

That reverse Uno card getting some play.


TheLurkingMenace t1_jb5ig0p wrote

That's not eloping, that's "running off." Eloping is when a couple leaves town to get married, usually to avoid family members who would violently interfere.


MrDork t1_jb5lui9 wrote

I had a girlfriend when I was in my 20's whose parents essentially swapped with their best friends like this. I always found it to be really weird and bizarre. But hey, as long as everyone's happy I'm happy. :)


LLPF2 t1_jb5njl5 wrote

My sister almost did this, she realized how much of a no thank you it was and ended the relationship. Her dirt bag ex is still “with” his neighbor and any one else he can get into bed.


Writer10 t1_jb5ob7s wrote

Aka “The Shania Twain Story, In Reverse.”


TubbyPachyderm t1_jb5oqtq wrote

This happened in my family. My grandmother ran off with a guy. My grandfather, drunk off his ass, called up the guys wife that he left to hook up. They hit it off and stayed together. Both couples were together until death after the switcheroo.


joe_attaboy t1_jb5vba0 wrote

Do a search about Fritz Peterson and Mike Kekich, NY Yankees teammates who literally swapped wives and families with one another in 1973. They even announced it publicly at spring training that year.


golemsheppard2 t1_jb5woo7 wrote

Hows that revenge? Sounds like her ex husband was no longer interested in his ex wife.


jimi15 t1_jb6ius0 wrote

Which channel is this on again?


DJKoolJerk t1_jb6lxdp wrote

Who's makin' love to your old lady, while you were out makin' love?


shhhimatree t1_jb74vq5 wrote

Sounds like a late night movie on Cinemax


KaisarDragon t1_jb77hp0 wrote

This is the plot of In the Mood to Love


swaps007 t1_jb7jjkd wrote

Brazzers wants to know your location.


eulynn34 t1_jb4zdk9 wrote

Turnabout is fair play


Seabrook76 t1_jb5smid wrote

Not gonna lie, that’s a baller move right there.