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I know intersex people and this talking point getting regurgitated is offensive to them.

The woman with CAH is a teeny woman with life threatening health complications from it that are not about being part "male" or even remotely looking masculine. She counts in that already low 1.7 percent.

Disorders such as XXY are still male. The X chromosome is not a "female" chromosome and is present in everyone.,Y%20chromosome%20denotes%20male%20sex.

Those men count in the already low 1.7 percent.

I've been married to an intersex person with androgen issues and they look like your typical person. Using "Intersex" as a gotchya is old and insensitive. The image it's trying to conjure up is a rare unicorn.

As far as Transgender people go, the one closest to me is 100% their observed sex. We know because they were tested. That doesn't invalidate anything within the community so we don't need to lean on "intersex" as some sort of safety net.


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And pretending like those genetic outliers make up the majority of athletes so we should just get rid of separate male / female events also doesn't help.

It ends up in situations like the one in the article.


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> I pointed out that claiming anything as simple as basic "men and women have differences in physiology" isn't that basic.

It's as simple and basic as "human beings have two eyes." Yes, outlier cases exist, but for the most part, it's truth.


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Things get a little freaky near the very ends of the tails of a normal distribution, it has nothing to do with this.