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TimeVortex161 t1_jb4zjmg wrote

As a practicing catholic, it’s about reforming from the inside. One tenant of the catholic and orthodox faiths that is important is the historical continuity (known as apostolic succession). The idea of separating the church from the traditions it has inherited (not all traditions mind you, many of the worst started after 1000CE) is considered the equivalent of making a kid an orphan for life just because their parents are abusive.

I’m not saying you have to agree, but the bulk of people affiliated with the church is not it’s leadership, just as the bulk of Americans are not it’s government. Most of us want a church that is nonabusive, fair to all, diverse, etc. euthanizing it will not solve any problems.


acebandaged t1_jb57syu wrote

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Smart-Rip-3733 t1_jb63sn4 wrote

As a Catholic I have the right to try to change it from the inside. Change is slow in an organization that is 2000 years old but it will come or we don't survive. Saying Catholic should be synonymous with child abuse is quite a bigoted thing to say. I should be synonymous with child abuse? Hateful.


acebandaged t1_jb9nxfv wrote

Calling you out for supporting a massive, established pedophile ring is bigotry and hateful?

Wow, what a surprising thing for a pedophile to say.


mvanvrancken t1_jb8buei wrote

What would the Catholic Church need to do in order to get you to just walk the fuck away? If they're this wrong about the basics then just imagine the assload of doctrinal crap they're selling you.


Run-Riot t1_jb5j6mb wrote

Not having an openly white-hot hatred of the Catholic Church on reddit?

Bold move and good luck with one of reddit’s biggest circle jerks.


TheRealVillain666 t1_jb5shgm wrote

Yes of course, why all the hatred?

Have you been living under a rock or something? :

So much abuse that if the church was a corporation it would have been shut down and it's executives in jail.

A good documentary for you would be the Magdelen laundries.

When you have watched that come back and ask me why there is so little appetite for the Catholic Church.


Electrical_Parfait64 t1_jb7awyn wrote

There’s a huge appetite for the Catholic Church. That’s why they’re the largest religion in the world. The pope has also shown more interest in updating the Church than at any other point in time than maybe Vatican 2


hesh582 t1_jb730f5 wrote

> historical continuity (known as apostolic succession).

apostolic succession means both a lot more and a lot less than "historic continuity".

You can (and they have...) dramatically reform practices without those reforms even indirectly interfering with apostolic succession, which is about episcopal or ecclesiastical continuity and not necessarily historical continuity writ large.

You could make the doctrinal argument that apostolic continuity prevents female bishops, but I can't really see how you could extend that to anything else these women are asking for.


TimeVortex161 t1_jb7r5rt wrote

I’m aware of that, I just wanted to avoid jargon terms for the sake of those not in the weeds.