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Smart-Rip-3733 t1_jb63sn4 wrote

As a Catholic I have the right to try to change it from the inside. Change is slow in an organization that is 2000 years old but it will come or we don't survive. Saying Catholic should be synonymous with child abuse is quite a bigoted thing to say. I should be synonymous with child abuse? Hateful.


acebandaged t1_jb9nxfv wrote

Calling you out for supporting a massive, established pedophile ring is bigotry and hateful?

Wow, what a surprising thing for a pedophile to say.


mvanvrancken t1_jb8buei wrote

What would the Catholic Church need to do in order to get you to just walk the fuck away? If they're this wrong about the basics then just imagine the assload of doctrinal crap they're selling you.