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JustMeLurkingAround- t1_jb6kemz wrote

Yeah, but Swiss Chocolate is a protected term connected to a certain region. Just like Champagne (Champangne, France), Parmesan (Parma, Italy), Bourbon (USA), Cornish Pastries (UK) or Colombian Coffee.

You can't just plant a coffee tree with seeds from Colombia in your backyard and call it Colombian coffee or produce some whiskey in China and call it Bourbon. Same with Swiss chocolate. You can't produce it in Slovakia (with Slovakian rules and regulations) and call it Swiss.

There are lots of these protected designations around the world that vouch for a certain origin, quality, and often traditional production. And if the Swiss have protected the picture of the Matterhorn as a trademark, it goes for symbols just the same.


zdakat t1_jb7ec2i wrote

Drinking sparkling chocolate and playing on a Nintendo


SuDragon2k3 t1_jb8spz1 wrote

What if...Switzerland....*annexes...*this new production location?