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HeadQueerLeader t1_jb8hdw9 wrote

One time at work we heard this loud crash and a few minutes later a lady came in to drop off her dog for doggie daycare and casually informed us that she crashed her car through the glass window of the convenience store next door.


four-one-6ix t1_jb88dxf wrote

Where is this so I can drive into nail salon and then casually come in for a chocolate croissant and call it justice?


Stachemaster86 t1_jb89l3q wrote

Nobody was at Guilty Pleasurez Dezzert Cafe at the time since it typically opens at 11 a.m. - That’s a unique business name.


craveass1 t1_jb9loub wrote

How much u wanna bet that there’s an Urban Cutzz barbershop round the corner.


bigbangbilly t1_jbal50w wrote

>That’s a unique business name.

That’s how you make a memorable name for a business


momma3critters t1_jb8qp95 wrote

Bunch of bull shit. Business destroyed and nothing done about it.


Loki-L t1_jb8z3l7 wrote

To be fair people can act in ways that makes no sense immediately after a crash. The adrenaline and shock makes you act stupid and some people default to "normal" behavior when they don't know what else to do.

However the husband who came to pick up the car was not in a crash and doesn't get a pass.

Also the most important component the age of the driver appears to be missing from the article.


ash_274 t1_jbc87bo wrote

A radio DJ got rear-ended in Los Angeles several years ago and the driver that hit him stayed in his car, kept the doors locked and windows up, and was drinking straight from a bottle of liquor. When the police showed up, they couldn't prove he had been drinking before the crash, since all the witnesses saw him chugging the bottle after the crash. He claimed the crash rattled his nerves so much he had to drink from "the sealed bottle he was bringing home".

Big shock: he was a lawyer.

Plot twist: he was a prosecutor

The story


The_Disapyrimid t1_jb9mehl wrote

years ago i worked at a diner attached to a bar which was next to a sandwich shop. the sandwich place was closed for the night. some lady who had left the bar, drunk and on pills of some kind, crashed through the brick wall of the sandwich place. she was trying to go around the corner of the building from the rear parking lot. didn't even come close. smashed right into the building. left her suv where it was and just walked back to the bar. she was just casually hanging out like nothing happened when the cops showed up.


rdyoung t1_jba07vr wrote

Why does this comment read like the opening to the old lady who swallowed a fly?


antiviolins t1_jbavfhi wrote

This is absolute nonsense. She wasn’t charged with anything and doesn’t have any consequences, police just shrugged and said that it was a “minor incident”?


knewbees t1_jbbyvsz wrote

Alcohol might have been involved. What a bitch.