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buggaby OP t1_jba4r8i wrote

Put data centers on the moon?

  • The moon has no atmosphere, so even small particles hit the surface at huge speeds. You need to bury them.
  • These centers are "environmentally friendly", because launching them is free?
  • What is this supposed to protect from? An earth ending meteor? Then what's the data for if we're all dead?
  • The data centers will be super far from everything, so really slow to access.

I can't see any good reason for this. But maybe that's just me.


bigbangbilly t1_jbam7jx wrote

>* What is this supposed to protect from? An earth ending meteor? Then what's the data for if we're all dead?

  • The data centers will be super far from everything, so really slow to access.

Sounds like AWS glacial storage but with extra steps.


prefer-to-stay-anon t1_jbcj236 wrote

Holy shit. They have Glacier Deep for 0.00099 dollars per GB per month, or 1 dollar per TB per month. How is that economically feasible?!?


Ryimax t1_jbaejcf wrote

Having a data center in space would probably help with heat dispersion. Other than that though, I can't think of anything


TheSmellofOxygen t1_jbago7m wrote

It's actually much harder to dissipate heat in vacuum. Only radiative cooling works. No air or water molecules to offload all that thermal energy into when they bump against you. Also solar radiation without an atmosphere, static regolith, latency, infeasibility of maintenance...

They'd definitely have to be buried. I guess I support this effort as a method of expanding space travel, but it's definitely worse than any earth based datacenter.


buggaby OP t1_jbaf742 wrote

If you have to bury it though? Anyway, we have cold places on the Earth.


Ryimax t1_jbafisi wrote

The moon's ground is still colder than Earth's. But I would think just putting it in earth orbit would be much


Stupidiocity t1_jbdnsu2 wrote

When the Sun isn't shining down on it. Otherwise it gets over 200 degrees Fahrenheit. It swings from extreme cold to extreme hot.


eighty2angelfan t1_jba7u4l wrote

That dude from SpaceBalls?


SelectiveSanity t1_jbabyiw wrote


(Flips down visor on ridiculously oversized helmet)


(Slow Camera zoom in)


(Camera bumps into ridiculously oversized helmet)


LilG1984 t1_jbb8cy6 wrote

"There's only one person who'd give me the raspberry....Lone Starr!!!!" Dark Helmet


SelectiveSanity t1_jbaa1b1 wrote

Am the only one thinking this originated from some lofty idea spewing coked out executive with no real world experience in their company's field or even basic understanding of electronics, let alone physics and doesn't even have an idea on how much would actually cost to implement this, let alone maintain it, after reading some scifi pulp novel?

The type of idiot who would dream up the gay bomb or a rich entitled asshole's dystopian nightmare tax haven on the sea.


pongnguy t1_jbal7sx wrote

Am starting to think this "idea" might be linked to illegal activity given that they are in the "final rounds" of closing on a $5 million seed. That's awfully large for a seed.


SelectiveSanity t1_jbalqlc wrote

That or someone rich is a fan of Nier Automata. For the Glory of mankind!


Oblivious122 t1_jbhc6id wrote

>> 'Gooch said the project is not “elitist,” like “The World” cruise ship or other massive luxury cruise-liners. He said some units on the ship will rent for only $50,000 for two weeks—while the large luxury units could sell for more than $7 million.'


laf1157 t1_jba8xzy wrote

Would only be useful for data networks on the moon. Transmission between earth and moon is a couple seconds, eternity in the digital world.


TwentySevenNihilists t1_jbavvex wrote

A company in Florida, named after Texas, wants to put a data center the size of a book on the moon.

Is this even real? Is this the elaborate setup of an April Fool's joke? How much cocaine went into this plan?