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Nail_Biterr t1_jbbdjxj wrote

okay... so serious question... is he just swimming with them? or is he trying to have sex with them? I think we're all wondering it, right?


Martyr-Saint t1_jbclgjr wrote

Yeah he’s just illegally swimming with them. Typically you need to have like a guide and all sorts of things


hazpat t1_jbcnxyt wrote

>Typically you need to have like a guide and all sorts of things

... to have sex with them?


AbstractMirror t1_jbd03fz wrote

No, to go tripping with a dolphin. You need a special dolphin to trip sit with you both


hazpat t1_jbd0whb wrote

Trip sit on my face at least.


AbstractMirror t1_jbdp8zd wrote

Yeah I'll be honest I don't know what the fuck I was talking about 4 hrs ago


Kingshabaz t1_jbdu4ie wrote

You have to have a guide to swim with animals or it is illegal? What is the illegal part?


Martyr-Saint t1_jbdxeqr wrote

I suppose personal safety and disturbing rco systems?

I’d rather everybody who actually wants to swim with dolphins have a safe and fun time, as opposed to idk, getting eaten by a shark or drowning or something.

On top of that we don’t want any ACTUAL dolphin fuckers to get a free pass.

Sure, this guy is more or less harmless but who knows what kind of freaks a “NO RULES” type approach would attract.


PartyPorpoise t1_jbelzx7 wrote

It’s less about human safety and more about not disturbing the animals. When whales and dolphins are constantly being approached by humans, it stresses them out and disrupts their normal routines and behaviors. They start to avoid areas where they’re being approached, which is a problem when those places are important feeding and calving grounds. When it’s just one guy it’s not an issue, but it’s a big problem when a lot of people do it. Hence the law.


Hug_The_NSA t1_jbel6mh wrote

People like you are why modern society sucks. Just adding arbitrary bullshit rules because youre worried about other peoples safety. If you are worried about the risks of swimming with dolphins dont do it. The guy in the article did nothing wrong and should have been left alone.


Martyr-Saint t1_jbesjsk wrote

I’m not a law maker. I never claimed to be.

What makes you think I’m the one who decides what is and isn’t allowed?