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AngryYowie t1_jbdfvup wrote

From the article > The proposal would increase salaries to between $125,000 and $130,000 for county supervisors and between $140,000 to $145,000 for Chairman Jeff McKay.

From a 2019 article > Residents of Fairfax County need to make $4,754 every month to maintain a modest standard of living, making it the most expensive place to live in Virginia.


nox_nox t1_jbejys8 wrote

Roughly a 45% raise for board members.

"The county executive proposed a 2% raise for all county workers."

"The board is set to adopt the FY 2024 budget on May 9, "which currently includes a roughly 7% increase in the tax bill for the average resident. Ninety million dollars in the FY 2024 are unappropriated,""


WritingRites t1_jbeh5bh wrote

How about the teachers?


Wolfram_And_Hart t1_jdf8cjm wrote

To be fair Fairfax County teacher make a lot more than most places.

Edit: the average is $65k


PescTank t1_jbem3kc wrote

As someone who had to grow up in Fairfax county, I’d just like to throw in a hearty “fuck Fairfax county”


BeagleBackRibs t1_jbet6hg wrote

The next county over will start doing the same, creating a cycle.


culb77 t1_jbfunbu wrote

To be fair, Fairfax County is one of the highest COL places in the US, 50% more than average. The median home price is $650k. So it's not completely unreasonable that they need to raise the salary of the position to match the area.

Note: I don't live there, but have relatives who do. We considered moving there, but even making $150k per year we could not afford it. It's very expensive.


QuestionableAI t1_jbfkjo8 wrote

Anything for teachers, the poor, the children they so famously care about, the elderly, the public services... library, roads, fire, police, or water? NO... just their grifting.


PyreDruid t1_jbi1428 wrote

In Fairfax? Yes $3 billion annually for schools. $5b total budget. They spend more than two states and about as much as Montana does on their own.

Fairfax definitely spends on those things. They spend $70m on parks and libraries. $611m on public safety. They spend over half the budget of Delaware on school operation alone.


Tedstor t1_jbef9sa wrote

Is this the first raise they’ve given themselves in a while?


[deleted] t1_jbdiwdp wrote



thechickenmoo t1_jbdlkrr wrote

According to the article it's a 35% to 45% raise. That doesn't seem reasonable.

The article points out they recently voted to raise other county workers wages by 5% which seems reasonable. However they also warn about a 7% larger tax bill so....


gophergun t1_jbdz21b wrote

It's a lot when it's framed as a single year increase, but the board's pay was last adjusted in 2015. It still outpaces inflation, but a county board member or executive making $130-145K in a place like Fairfax isn't that surprising to me. The closest equivalent where I live, a county commissioner, makes about $124K.


PyreDruid t1_jbi0doo wrote

The salaries they list would barely put them over median household income there if they’re the sole earner.

It seems nuts but Fairfax is one of the richest counties in the country. The board of supervisors there getting $130k, that’s comparable to the salary of the governor of Montana. Which may seem odd, but Fairfax is more populous than Montana.

The salaries seem ok in context.


West_Business_775 t1_jbegc62 wrote

In 2019, the residents needed to make 57k/yr for a "modest living". Whatever the case is, those that make the laws should be able to identify with the commoner they make the laws for on an income basis. They shouldn't be put into poverty, but neither should those in the region of governance.


PyreDruid t1_jbi0o34 wrote

57k is not a modest living in Fairfax. Fairfax is the 5th wealthiest county in the country.

The median household income there is $127k. Falls Church is right there as well. It’s median is $146k, the second richest county/city in the country by a margin.

They’re making about median if they’re the sole earner. That seems right for people running a county more populous than Montana.

As an edit, those median incomes are a few years ago. Wages have gone up in VA since, both on min wage increases and in general. 130k is probably the median now.