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Notacooter473 t1_jbdnk5r wrote

I can see the official report...." We confiscated 100 sex dolls".... ummm...."we confiscated 99 sex dolls" .... .... we confiscated 40 sex dolls.


rugbat t1_jbdw4mt wrote

I'll bet these were mostly dildoes and vibrators. Ironic that this was one day before International Womens Day and now they are depriving lots of women of a bit of innocent fun.


TricksterWolf t1_jbfjori wrote

It is unlikely that they consider a woman not requiring a man to be innocent.

Fun fact: it is illegal to own more than three sex toys in Texas, but it is legal to own raccoons there. I guess that's why they call raccoons "dildos of the forest".


rugbat t1_jbg1mao wrote

No doubt, it's also fine in Texas to own more than three firearms, though. I've never heard "dildos of the forest" before. 😱


Ahelex t1_jbho8lm wrote

The spin-off to Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs:

Dildos with a Chance of Rabies


hippyengineer t1_jbg60yd wrote

This is the first I’m hearing of the forest dildos(that weren’t particularly shaped tree branches).


monkeysandmicrowaves t1_jbeqemz wrote

Wow, look at all those dildos.

And they're standing in front of piles of sex toys.


LevelHeeded t1_jbeklii wrote

Too many humans are way too obsessed with what other humans do in private.

Imagine if this person had to be honest for two second, and give the real reason, not this "public order and national safety" that we know is 100% bullshit. I would like to know the real reason this person is envious of other people pleasuring themselves.


Ogawara t1_jbeqk7g wrote

The country is double teamed by Islam and conservative Christianity, nevermind the heavy foreign influence from CCP, sexual progressiveness is not on the agenda for any public figure.


Rootsboy79 t1_jbembjb wrote

More stupid laws made by insecure men to control women.


nooshaw t1_jbf5u64 wrote

I see several female dolls in the background so I don't think it's just women they want to control.


MoMedic9019 t1_jbej9zx wrote

Y’all have no problems making them, but all the problems using them?

Malaysia loves it’s human rights violations.


Central_Control t1_jberrsp wrote

'Home Ministry" = Religious police. A religion has gained so much power in their society, they dictate everything that can and cannot be used in their society.

It'll happen in your area, too - if you let religion have any power in government at all.


SentientCrisis t1_jbevtgb wrote

I would much rather let a lonely, socially inept guy fuck a doll than attack real women because he can’t get one to consent.


SaltNo3123 t1_jbe5sec wrote

No you can't have that dildo, only penises are allowed.


HappyHighwayman t1_jbg5t79 wrote

Religious laws are awesome and clearly are correlated with societal success


Imguran t1_jbfhhl0 wrote

Whaa . . . their actions may have the opposite result.


stillfumbling t1_jbfw8in wrote

Is that guy casually holding a magnum butt plug??


p2dan t1_jbhel9r wrote

These are some stupid motherfuckers in office.

Not much different in the US


biopticstream t1_jbhqfer wrote

LMAO, this is too rich 😂 I can't even with the fact that the Home Ministry thinks sex toys are a threat to public order and national safety. Like, seriously?! 😂 How do they even define 'erode morals' in this context?


NikoKida t1_jbg84mh wrote

Fuck y’all theocracies and your variants of the morality police


Status-Biscotti t1_jbgwngg wrote

I’m pretty sure dildos are illegal in Texas.


GarlicBreadRules t1_jbi6hf7 wrote

Well I can see you assholes already ordered lunch.