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CondescendingShitbag t1_jbhhc89 wrote

Ah yes, make shop owners confront their customers over masks...again. How well did that play out last time?


Villane11e t1_jbhfqgk wrote

literally violating Disability Rights, I hope someone sues him for this

COVID is still going around, and I doubt people who steal care about wearing a mask anyway??????? ppl unmasking is not going to help the p!gs be better at their jobs lmao


blahbleh112233 t1_jbhlt5k wrote

Dude, Adams is already going around telling refugees that nyc is full and shipping them to Canada. You think he gives a fuck about masks?


shattasma t1_jbi80c0 wrote

Sanctuary city in name only lol.

It’s nice to see when performative virtue signaling is called out haha.

“NYC is proud to be a sanctuary city, and we’ve defunded our police, and got a soft on crime DA that won’t prosecute crimes like theft below $1k; those racist conservative cities should take note!”

  • people actually come for sanctuary and crime rates skyrocket

“NYC is full and stores need to tell people to take their masks off to prevent unsolved thefts!”



rumblemania t1_jbil2ef wrote

If the blue states lived by the border their opinions would change pretty quickly


shattasma t1_jbjqztb wrote


Martha’s vineyard freaked the fuck out when they actually were called to action to be a sanctuary city… which THEY decided to do designate upon themselves lol.

They literally used the national guard to get the (legally transported) immigrants out of their town.

Instead they tried to spin the story as a “cruel” right wing political stunt that was “obviously illegal.”…. Even though all the immigrants signed papers saying they wanted to go there and the vineyard is legally a sanctuary city… hence de santis never actually got into legal trouble. He was sued; anybody can be sued; it’s not the same as being charged and the lawsuits did not go anywhere last I checked lol.

It’s amazing to see the left defend the richest class of people when their true colors were shown to be a bunch of “ rules For thee but not for me; especially when I actually have to follow through with my virtue signaling” crap.

Like neither major party is good; why defend one over the other when they are both crap? Get behind individuals, not parties.

But hey, how else are people supposed to know you’re morally superior unless you virtue signal with words and never have to actually follow through? It’s a politicians wet dream


reisterbunny t1_jbhvomi wrote

Eric Adams is so despised by me.


Stupid_Guitar t1_jbibzbw wrote

Has anyone told this jabroni that some people wore masks prior to the pandemic for a variety of medical reasons, without any problems whatsoever.

And I imagine they will want to continue wearing something that really shouldn't be anyone else's concern, especially someone involved in NYC politics!

Sounds like this mayor is creating conflict where there doesn't need to be.


BabyLegsOShanahan t1_jbh59wf wrote

All skinfolk ain’t kinfolk. He’s been such a pawn from the beginning.


Peefersteefers t1_jbjsagi wrote

I'm in NY, and I just got Covid for the first time. Funny how I managed to avoid it for 3 years while everyone was cautious, then got it as soon as this dipshit forces people to stop being careful.

I hate this dude with a passion.


Zachthema5ter t1_jblk8qw wrote

I can see anti-maskers donning mask just to spite employees


MeanGreanHare t1_jbk8q87 wrote

I hope they're also asked to wash their hands after. Those masks are full of germs.


Hand_Banana_0082 t1_jbkw8p3 wrote

Look if people want to still wear masks, what does it matter?


ReginaldSP t1_jblorct wrote

Eric Adams is a former cop. surprise he's a massive asshole and not especially bright.


DebiMoonfae t1_jbhobll wrote

Dang, i thought NYC was the cool brother of the nation and them I see this.

Has there been an increase in theft?


ricktor67 t1_jbi05fk wrote

Well everything cost 3X what it did a few years ago and wages are exactly the same(and they were already bad for the last 40 years) so yeah. This is what happens when 100 Billionaires steal the entire wealth of a nation.


yerbadoo t1_jbjgauf wrote

Americans really don’t hate rich people enough for their own good


mrdeezy t1_jbhwtp9 wrote

Imagine how cool masks must be for fugitives and bank robbers.


davewhitebarber t1_jbhadxp wrote

People are still wearing masks?


OldJames47 t1_jbhb0ny wrote

Yes, the flu and RSV were pretty bad in parts of the country and China had a new strain of COVID that was concerning.


davewhitebarber t1_jbhch05 wrote

I’m in a small town in the sierra nevadas. People here only wore them when the government said not to, then stopped when they were mandated.


ncfears t1_jbhzwa6 wrote

Ah so you're definitely around a bunch of real smart, well-adjusted people with everyone's best interest in mind.


davewhitebarber t1_jbi2j60 wrote

Remember when butter was bad for you and government health guidelines said we should eat margarine?


ncfears t1_jbjc2un wrote

That's not relevant to a global pandemic. Eat too much butter, you get fat. You spread a deadly disease, you get other people killed.


davewhitebarber t1_jblg0zp wrote

They said don’t eat any saturated fats, they said eat this laboratory spread that funds their research. We know now Margarine will kill you. I can see why people ignore government guidelines now.


ncfears t1_jblitrn wrote

The FDA =/= CDC =/= WHO.

Still, eating margarine isn't going to kill other people so it's still irrelevant.

But you don't seem like someone who can apply new information to their decision making, so best of luck to you and please don't vote.


davewhitebarber t1_jblolxr wrote

How is it that you can’t seem to empathize with people who have been lied to not believing the ones who lied to them in the past?


ncfears t1_jblvhd1 wrote

  1. FDA =/= CDC
  2. It's incredibly stupid

I'm very sorry you missed out on your butter. That's no reason not to prevent the spread of a deadly disease, thus actually facilitating its spread by going in public without one.


davewhitebarber t1_jbm3euj wrote

This post is about mask wearing. I’m using one government agency as an example. Government said don’t wear mask because they don’t work. Then they said wear the mask until we have vaccines because the mask do work now. Now we know the masks don’t work because this virus travels in the air. Government said get the vaccines and boosters now guidelines for unvaccinated is the same as vaccinated. The people who didn’t change anything about their lives because of the virus have way less stress and the same death rate, we’ve had 210 deaths with 18,160 cases and there’s 50,000 people in the county. 0.0042% death rate seems pretty low for bunch non mask wearers.


ncfears t1_jbmbitz wrote

There have been multiple studies showing they work for covid and other airborne pathogens like cold and flu. No one reputable from the government nor anyone with any expertise in diseases said they don't work to help prevent covid. You obviously just look for the "facts" you want to hear and disregard the rest saying the government lied about butter so they must be trying to control us by wearing a piece of fabric over half your face.