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NoMoreProphets t1_jbig73g wrote

The problem is that "excessive" barking doesn't make sense. Dogs bark a lot already even when you aren't at the dog park. Are you supposed to yell at your dog for barking while you play fetch? Even well trained dogs bark while they wait for you to throw the ball. It's also not like dog parks are known for constant midnight dog parties. It's not like your kennel example where the dogs have to live there 24/7.


JiminyDickish t1_jbiihlr wrote

> Excessive barking doesn’t make sense

The grey area is very small. Use common sense. Canadian courts have previously defined it as at least ten minutes of uninterrupted barking. That sounds reasonable.


washington_jefferson t1_jbno84p wrote

I think the issue is if you have new dogs showing up every five minutes, and they are each allotted 10 minutes of barking, then there will always be barking- just from different dogs. That’s why the sign’s intentions are not realistic. Either have a dog park or not. Let the dog people deal with problem dogs in the park- they don’t want that dog causing problems either.


annomandaris t1_jbkory8 wrote

As someone who goes to the dog park 4-5x a week, there is a big difference between barking and excessive barking.

There are definitely dog who will bark continuously for hours. They shouldn’t be at a dog park, this makes other dogs more aggressive too, to have a dog follow you arriving barking in your face isn’t pleasant for anyone.


Nadaplanet t1_jbm7sxv wrote

>There are definitely dog who will bark continuously for hours.

Oh you must live in my neighborhood. Someone within a several block radius of me has a dog that barks constantly. They let it out around 6 am and let it back inside around 9 pm. I am not exaggerating when I say it barks the entire time it's outside. I've walked my dog around trying to find the source, but I've never been able to pin down an exact address to try and talk to the owners.


right_there t1_jbipoa9 wrote

My dog barks maybe once a week when he's startled by a noise outside. It's one, short bark and that's it. My previous dog almost never barked.

Excessive barking doesn't have to be normal. My dog communicates with me in other ways just fine.