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JiminyDickish t1_jbjlrpm wrote

What if you lived there before the dog park?


NerdHunt t1_jbu5gpl wrote

Then there would have been something you had to sign for the installment of such thing, and if there isn’t and the park is now driving the value of your property down due to the new disturbance, you have a lawsuit in your hands.

Realistically what happens is someone moves next to a school or a dog park and never try to go down there to the house in the rush-hour see what it will be like living there, and when they do get down there after they bought the house they become sorely dissapointed.


JiminyDickish t1_jbu6fsl wrote

>Then there would have been something you had to sign

Nope. Not how it works. City council holds public hearings and then decides. You can voice your opinion at the meeting but if they still go forward with it then there’s nothing you can do.


SuteSnute t1_jbk0mr8 wrote

Then don't live in a major city where there's tons of noise from other things as well. Are all the Reddit commenters in this thread who think they are making clever arguments and retorts from Hicksville, Bumfuckstate?


JiminyDickish t1_jbk1w6b wrote

I live in the city. Dogs barking is the most intrusive, loud sound I hear by far. I can hear my neighbor's dogs even with the door and windows closed and noise-cancelling headphones on. And it goes on all day, because the dogs don't go anywhere. Cars passing, construction even, are all temporary. When you have a neighbor with barking dogs, or a dog park nearby, it's every fucking day and it's absolute torture. No other sound even begins to compare.