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JiminyDickish t1_jbk3faz wrote

>There's a difference between a dog barking all day and night

Never said all night. I said all day. Exactly the same as a dog park. You're the one moving things around.

>But that's what living in a city is about. Dealing with other people

Agreed, which includes limiting how much your dogs bark.


Infindox t1_jbk7b1o wrote

Dogs barking in a park during the day (which they are going to do because they are playing) is the same as kids playing on a playground: they are allowed to make as much noise at they want. That's what it's there for. If you're arguing about it because it was put in place there after someone lived there... Well that can apply to anything. A daycare, a business, a playground. Construction sounds, normal business from adults, kids in general, are all sounds that in excess can be annoying.