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Micah_JD t1_jbhl0ri wrote

"Here are your DUI charges. Are you still drunk? Yes? Good. You can go home now."


PlayTheHits t1_jbjjndi wrote

“Wrong, officer, I’m not still drunk. I’m drunk again.”


pichael288 t1_jbhs5sg wrote

We used to see people like this in jail all the time. You would be there for like 6 months for weed or something (Ohio back in the day) and you would see the same old rich white guy there every fucking weekend with a new dui. They keep letting him out though


semiomni t1_jbibsrl wrote

Well smoking weed puts everyone around you at risk of injury or death, while driving drunk is completely harmless.

Could you imagine if the harmless crime got a stricter punishment? That'd be crazy.


pichael288 t1_jbm7e45 wrote

Dare told us buying marijuana supports al Qaeda


psilocin72 t1_jbhjeqr wrote

Anyone ever been to York, Pennsylvania? I rode through on a Greyhound many years ago and it really had the feel of a place that you definitely don’t want to explore.


lewphone t1_jbi96r6 wrote

I have family that lives there (for now). There's good and bad neighborhoods, same as any other city/town. Forget trying to find a decent job there tho, people there commute to Baltimore & maybe Harrisburg for that.


psilocin72 t1_jbjg920 wrote

Yeah I’m sure there is plenty of good there. The bus station is never in the good part of town.


redbull21369 t1_jbipx20 wrote

My sergeant arrested the same lady 3 times. First time bonded out, released to family. Family let her drive her car home. Caught her on her way home. Arrested, towed the vehicle. Bonded and released to family again. She made it home, got into a fight with the family. Took one of her family members cars, got stopped by my sergeant again.

Went from no dwis to having a felony dwi in one night lmao.


Cypher360 t1_jbjqxcu wrote

So after being arrested for the 3rd time, did she get released again or they let her get sober first?


redbull21369 t1_jbno7ac wrote

First two were 500 c/s bonds. Felony is a 24 hour hold with an undetermined bond set by the judge. Believe he set her bond around 5000 cash only the next morning lol.


biopticstream t1_jbhq5br wrote

That's just straight up irresponsible and dangerous. I don't care how much you've had to drink, if you can't handle it, just call an Uber or something. If you're putting yourself and others on the road at risk like that, you deserve to be locked up. No excuses. No bail. Just straight to the slammer 😒


FastAsFxxk t1_jbkum5n wrote

Even if you "can handle it" put the fucking keys down if you've been drinking


Gebling65 t1_jblj663 wrote

James Carville once described PA as "Philadelphia and Pittsburgh; the rest is Alabama."


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