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GetlostMaps t1_jbini64 wrote

In the Modern Developed World, he would be covered for theft no matter what he wanted, and his only choice in the matter would be the size of the deductible; pay more in advance to make it smaller, or it will a few grand if you need it. It would be impossible for it to be rented uninsured.

If you live in a regressive shithole country things like this will happen.


chemamatic t1_jbirubv wrote

Canada is a regressive shithole now? What is your standard here? Switzerland?


SuteSnute t1_jbl96kc wrote

Canada is literally just America-lite but with universal health coverage (a big deal to be sure, but nonetheless). They just have much better PR.

I'm sure a lot of Canadians will get butthurt at this remark, but the truth hurts.


GetlostMaps t1_jbk6a2l wrote

I'm as surprised as you are, but this kind of thing simply doesn't happen in more advanced jurisdictions. It isn't possible.


EspHack t1_jbjr59i wrote

his helicopter mom perhaps

we totally need to outlaw risk, it'll be great once no one can experience personal responsibility and consequences, that will lead to rational and totally not reckless society, as we're increasingly witnessing today


jimicus t1_jbk9hwy wrote

Everywhere I've rented vehicles, the situation has been that basic insurance is included but has such a huge excess that you'd have to be clean off your head not to take the extra insurance unless you're absolutely, categorically certain you have all-risks cover for hire cars.


GetlostMaps t1_jbk9tzm wrote

Same. Like $3k or $5k or something. But there was never an option to have no insurance. That's just not possible.


jimicus t1_jbkafz8 wrote

It would seem odd that the hire company doesn't have some sort of basic cover for their whole fleet to cover, say, total loss.

I can't imagine this sort of thing happens terribly often (which will keep the cost fairly low, particularly if it has a high excess), and it'll be a lot easier to claim on the insurance and sting the customer for a high excess than ask them to hand over $50k.


GetlostMaps t1_jbkc0ji wrote

I think they do. It seems the insurance company paid out, but is then chasing the driver. But to try to recover the total value is simply not possible in these circumstances in a more advanced regulatory system. It hasn't been for generations.