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VerimTamunSalsus t1_jbikhp0 wrote

Quite literally the stupidest thing on TV, out stupiding big brother, the Kardashians, and even the housewives of wherever the f@ck.


Negative-Emotion-795 t1_jbj0ojt wrote

I would support this only if they used small fish to slap one another instead.


AnOrdinaryMammal t1_jbikr4e wrote

Fuck Dana White. Pay your fighters, the people who dedicate their entire life to whooping that ass.

Not this bullshit.


rumblemania t1_jbil50t wrote

Won’t get better until they unionise


AnOrdinaryMammal t1_jbiljxa wrote

I get the feeling that it’s extremely difficult to do. They had a “movement” a short while ago and now, no one has ever heard of it.

Combat sports are ripe for mistreatment.


rumblemania t1_jbind7d wrote

Pretty much, when you look at how athletes in sports that have a union vs those that don’t it’s night and day, even in smaller sports they end up so much better


Moms_spaghetti_6969 t1_jbkfyhy wrote

Or until there are more viable competitive leagues for top talent. All it takes is a guy offering a little more money for UFC to lose all the talent. Unfortunately at the moment UFC is likely the best paying league in MMA


SpocksUncleBob t1_jbiji5q wrote

Unsporting stupidity...which will be the next big thing. Stupid does well here, if "reality tv" is any indication.


Solerien t1_jbip3f3 wrote

They turned the Darwin Award into a TV show.


cgg419 t1_jbijqik wrote

Stupidity for sure


virusrt t1_jbin4bx wrote

I’m glad we’re able to spectate, and globally broadcast the precise moment a guy gets CTE


No_Carpet7125 t1_jbizk1t wrote

We are marching ever closer to the network premier of ASS - The Movie.


keragoth t1_jbjckb5 wrote

When i was a kid this was a playground game called Irish Stand Down. Quick, somebody trademark that.


keragoth t1_jbjdeyp wrote

Rules: flip a coin for first swing. reciever has to have eyes closed. can only beg off after recieving, alternate hands. considered cowardly to beg off after a left hand slap.


BlackFerro t1_jbjru0k wrote

It's really really dumb, and I'm here for it.


Bitch_Posse t1_jbjzxyg wrote

Is this for the upcoming Oscars telecast?


ChuckFeathers t1_jbk81m4 wrote

Incredibly idiotic... Unless it's Repugnicans doing this to each other, then it becomes MSTV..


ADDeviant-again t1_jbkc25y wrote

Slapping contests remind me of an old video I saw with two drunk hillbillies sitting on patio furniture in shorts, taking turns zapping each other with electric bug zappers.

If it makes money, I guess I'll start a league for apple-bobbing in hot grease.


Moms_spaghetti_6969 t1_jbkg4x4 wrote

I used to watch clips of this on YouTube and get a kick out of it. Kind of surprised it’s going to be on mainstream American TV now


KaisarDragon t1_jbnabnz wrote

How is this any different to boxing? Or worse than MMA?


Flutters1013 t1_jbiohns wrote

I remember cr1tical covering this year's ago