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EuroMountMolar t1_jbk387j wrote

That’s awful…. But let’s see the evidence


Rusty08872 t1_jbxwtdj wrote

Which website are those pics on. So I can stay away from there.


Smytus t1_jbivfbj wrote

1 student, not students.


Tom-ocil t1_jbixtl0 wrote

Today the lunch lady is going to get some meatloaf from me.


MeanGreanHare t1_jbk9dnz wrote

If she wanted to get away with that shit she should have been a teacher.


kahllerdady t1_jbks3k8 wrote

I bet that kid got double mashed potatoes and didn't even have to ask


Asimpbarb t1_jbkdg6k wrote

Man wait till she sees the pics and all get leaked… better get ahead of it and start an onlyfans…


pm1966 t1_jbkjxe3 wrote

Is she trans? She must be trans; no way a straight person would ever be this kind of predator. /s

EDIT: Added /s since people are morons.


LonelyActor t1_jbk8qex wrote

She looks familiar… Brazzers connoisseurs should see what I’m talking about…


jplebourveau t1_jbm0z5l wrote

Why do the best posts not have gifs enabled? Lolol.


[deleted] t1_jbiy2nh wrote



politelyreal t1_jbj2ur3 wrote

It’s called rape. It’s not good. If this were an older guy you’d have a pitchfork and torch.


[deleted] t1_jbj39al wrote



AqUaNtUmEpIc t1_jbka5zj wrote

Rape fantasies are not uncommon, but this is pederasty and you admitted that as a 14 yr old, you hadn’t come to a full realization of what was fantasy and what wasn’t until later in life.

She was also recording and stalking the victim.


lunetick t1_jbiydbw wrote

Can you please don't link a stupid blog so full of lies that the "article" author name is not specified. Another disgusting far right propaganda..


3pbc t1_jbj1fgn wrote

Looks like we found the lunch lady