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Matty_Poppinz t1_jedlbkh wrote

Time to start the rico investigation into the police unions, just like they would into any other union.


free_umi t1_jedhctb wrote

She would know and understand how lethal fentanyl is and how it is mixed with other substances, with theend user being unaware of the fentanyl. She knows she caused avoidable deaths. She should be tried as the major orgnised crime gamg member that she is and not as the rezpectable persona she masqueraded as. That was a front.


paradoxologist t1_jedd1wz wrote

I hope this woman likes prison as much as she enjoyed ruining the lives of the people who were taking that pernicious drug.


3eyedflamingo t1_jee5xn0 wrote

She didnt import it, she smuggled it. Use the the correct terms. Fucking shit media these days. She is smuggler. She smuggled fentanyl with intent to sell.


Ozymandias0007 t1_jedhytx wrote

She was so bold, it was reckless. She sent packages using the POA's UPS account and kept trafficking and doing business AFTER she was questioned for buying and selling drugs. Damn, she couldn't lay low for even a few months. She either thought investigators were really stupid or she was really smart (untouchable).


Semarcu t1_jedl6e2 wrote

Wait, she don't look Mexican or drag to me.


Twofaceraven t1_jedm9o3 wrote

I can't help but notice that the people who keep getting arrested for fentanyl trafficking are cops and cop affiliates.


CliffsNote5 t1_jedx2lz wrote

The fentanyl safety campaigns are just market protection. The only safe fentanyl is officer Friendly’s.


YomiKuzuki t1_jedmxdw wrote

Oh no, a cop breaking the law and causing harm to the people they claim to serve and protect! This is unprecedented!

Oh. Wait. No, it's not.


Page-This t1_jeejfpz wrote

“This is the National Police Officer’s Association calling for our annual fundraising campaign…”

I had no idea this was a drug cartel investment opportunity


ktElwood t1_jeetha3 wrote

Rich white people pushing opioids should get shot in america, not kids in schools.


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brookedits t1_jedqq70 wrote

Police unions are seriously corrupt.

Even after being discovered intimidating journalists, the Vallejo police union president kept his job.


Devi1_May_Cry t1_jee7nf5 wrote

I grew up in San Jose. LAPD and New Orleans PD get a lot of attention and a lot of hate, but a majority of my interactions with SJPD have been negative. Terrible organization with a history of corruption and abuse.


meabandit t1_jegc9p1 wrote

Maybe there is less confusion if you just refer to as *PD since it's all the same racket. America's crime response force by fighting crime with crime.


shrekstiny t1_jeephll wrote

Huh that's a weird way to spell trafficking drugs


fleetadmiralj t1_jeey2n1 wrote

When you have people joining the police for the thrill of waving their guns around and beating up on poor people and minorities, its not a big leap towards those cops actually promoting crime so they can do those things even more


Crispyclim t1_jedkqb6 wrote

Let me make this clear. Both ends of the stick are working in their favour. They are the dealers as well as the people tasked with apprehending fentanyl users. They essentially cut off the dealers' second source of income by arresting them. So what do you do? Avoid taking any action at all. That's what's going on right now, isn't it? Fair enough


Amerikkona t1_jedqhux wrote

The fish rots from the top to the bottom.


Commie_EntSniper t1_jef87y0 wrote

It's like every time we turn over a blue rock, there's disgusting malevolence.


adzling t1_jegk9g5 wrote

It's almost like crimes are committed by people of all political persuasions, income, intelligence and upbringing!