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Chard069 t1_jblczyt wrote

To any Martian or Neptunian resident, we grubby Terrestrials are an alien species. Earthlings have sent objects to inspect and infest their planets without receiving permission. Why trust us?

Prudent non-humans on other Solar-orbiting bodies ('planets' etc) would mask themselves from outside surveillance. Who knows what horrors lurk in space? We naive Terrestrials have yet to reach a sufficient level of paranoia.

Do unknown (to Earthlings) worlds in Solar orbits exist? Are they insignificant, or masked? Could any known planet(oid)s harbor technological societies hostile to Earthlings? Are the Ionians out to get us?

Excuse me for skepticism. Continued human existence supports my view. YMMV.


x-munk t1_jblijs8 wrote

Fuck Neptune - there, we were all thinking it but nobody had the courage to go out there and say it. Martians are chill af but Neptunians smell like they've been hanging around Uranus. Fucking nerds.


Chard069 t1_jblj8d7 wrote

Grandma told me that Dad was such a weird kid, she thought he must be Martian. Does that make me a Martian-American? Should I report for naturalization?