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Ed_The_Bloody t1_jbl7o01 wrote

Well then, that makes everyone better.


SniffCheck t1_jbl7c57 wrote

Apologizes accepted. What nice young men.


phillyb88 t1_jbmyqs0 wrote

at least they turned over those responsible. look at how cops roll after they kill someone


GreenIce2022 t1_jbmfufp wrote

More class than the previous POTUS ever displayed


ajcpullcom t1_jbl9fk4 wrote

“Oh was that not allowed? Sorry, our bad.”


Synthwoven t1_jblf99v wrote

I guess they don't want U.S. military intervention. Let free dumb ring?


LoFi-Enchilada t1_jblih6z wrote

As if the U.S. could ever intervene Mexico.

They tried back in 2012 when the ATF smuggled thousands of military grade weapons and equipment to secretly sponsor narcos in Mexico, just to later "offer their help" to eradicate them, by stationing the US Army in Mexico. That offer failed miserably. Do you seriously think they’re going to move a finger for these nobodies?


Synthwoven t1_jbmf33s wrote

Political blow hards have been making noises about it and upsetting the Mexican government. I doubt anything will happen, but who the fuck knows anything any more. People are crazy.


TKDbeast t1_jc055ek wrote

If the Mexican cartel kills some friendly upper-class white teenager there would be national outrage.


jimi15 t1_jbwqyr5 wrote

Guess "upper management taking the blame for their emploees actions" is a thing in every bussiness.


[deleted] t1_jbleiie wrote



V12Jaguar t1_jblp0o7 wrote

Millions of US visitors drive/fly to Mexico from USA every year enjoy themselves and return safely.

Please explain migrants being given "free transportation." Do you mean the flights DeSantis sponsored dumping immigrants in Martha's vineyard?

And I'm not so sure about "them" being "given" housing. Can you state an example?