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Ray_Pingeau t1_jboof79 wrote

I’m sure no one’s ever run out of gas before


PenlessScribe OP t1_jboqjac wrote

True! But you can gas up in a minute or two. Thieves cooling their heels at an EV charging station with a carful of loot sounds like something out of a Greg Garcia show.


Dovienya55 t1_jbrkz79 wrote

I'm waiting on a Simpson's episode where the cops have to stop and charge up their car as well and stare at the thieves across the lot.


bothunter t1_jbqpwr2 wrote

Even Colton Harris Moore was smart enough to know that you should just steal another car instead of stopping to refuel your current stolen car.


bilateralrope t1_jbss8m4 wrote

It's still bad planning to require a refuel during the getaway.


But it's worse planning to use a car with a built in GPS that can connect to the internet.


IOU4something t1_jbp8cj5 wrote

Seems like a bunch of positives that it can keep thieves from being able to get away effectively.


Ray_Pingeau t1_jbp7zio wrote

You’re just giving a positive for owning electric cars


bilateralrope t1_jbssfz9 wrote

I notice that the article doesn't say how the thieves were tracked.


Teslas have a built in GPS and connect to the internet for software updates. So it's possible that the cops could have followed them home if they had remembered to charge the battery before the theft.


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