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Goldrush02 t1_jboxb4f wrote

To be fair, it does seem like it wouldn't be a bad idea. A car rental service that you can just pick a car off the street and drive, rather than wait. Sounds like it MAY have issues catching on though.


Wojtas_ t1_jbpidjp wrote

That's available in pretty much every city in Europe.


plumzki t1_jbqnigb wrote

Here in the Netherlands the are countless companies doing exactly this, we don't have a car but if we need to drive somewhere there is a car parked about 5 mins from us, we use an app to unlock it so no fucking around having to get it from somebody else, just jump in, do what we need and drop it back off. For a short trip this might cost us 10 to 15eu


Cherryxizz t1_jc1ljkk wrote

They also have it for renting bikes too! Europe is amazing ❤️


Xendrus t1_jbpwgqj wrote

You'd need a company to inspect the car after each use to charge your card for damages. Basically just a car rental company.


sk8thow8 t1_jbq53ns wrote

You just have the next user inspect the vehicle for damages and report it before they start driving. And probably make people take pictures of the vehicle's condition when they drop it off. Plus, they have cameras in/on the vehicle.