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Sonyguyus t1_jbrd6y9 wrote

That’s one of the most amazing things I’ve read. It’s unheard of here in America. Usually the developer would either bribe the judge or just pay a fine and continue with the new project. “Brick by brick” that’s freaking awesome.


taptapper t1_jbrt02e wrote

Yeah. There was a lovely historic theater on 42nd street that they wanted to replace. The facade was landmarked (art deco) so they couldn't touch it. The developwers removed the WHOLE fucking building and dug a 3 story deep pit. That beautiful 5 or 6 story stone front was perched on the edge of the pit. I went past it on the bus every day and I couldn't believe that was stable. Guess what? it wasn't. It fell into the pit and the assholes got to build their eyesore unimpeded.