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GetlostMaps t1_jbrj2jw wrote

Good. Not oniony. Should have to be done with original parts recycled from historic buildings, all by hand.


hiddeninplainsight23 t1_jbs2950 wrote

The original parts are going to be reused


GetlostMaps t1_jbs8rcn wrote

Some of them. If they demolished it most of it will have been destroyed


RealLongwayround t1_jbsfq1l wrote

Did you read the article?


UnacceptableUse t1_jbskq3q wrote

Did you?

> They must go through the rubble of the pub with experts to see which materials might be salvageable and submit this to the council before rebuilding.

> Any materials that are missing will need to be sourced and approved by the council.


uxbridge3000 t1_jbsrcx9 wrote

This comment reminds me of why I dislike most other humans. It's one degree separated from nutjobs claiming originalism to the US Constitution while regulating women from their healthcare choices. People should be free to do what they want and how they want, and in particular with their personal property.


daren5393 t1_jbt8i53 wrote

Dude these people broke the law, that's the issue. The problem isnt that they tore down an old pub per say, it's that so often developers like this just willfully ignore the law, take a slap on the wrist fine, and do whatever they were gonna do anyway. For once, in a different country, a company breaking the law actually had the consequence of them not getting what they wanted out of it. It's refreshing.


uxbridge3000 t1_jbtd6s3 wrote

The laws and beaurocracy of the small-minded to bend the will of others to submission. Because after all, what's mine is mine and what's yours is mine too.


MrBlackadder t1_jbtigt7 wrote

The issue, however, is that while they own the pub right now, the history which it represents does not belong to them, it belongs to the nation and that is what the system is there to protect, our national heritage.


uxbridge3000 t1_jbtlt71 wrote

If people were so concerned about national heritage, they would employ the government through their hard-earned tax dollars to purchase the property at a fair rate and conserve that pub to whatever utopian ideal is in their blessed hearts. But no logical government would ever divert its funds to that inane and pointless task, and good for them... Instead, they foist stupid laws upon the property-owners as a surrogate for theft. And that's all this is.


starm4nn t1_jbug4co wrote

Explain why they bought the pub if it was covered under this law.

Or do you think bad businesses should be rewarded?