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misdirected_asshole t1_jc3wl88 wrote

>One board member thanked Cream before advising here she spoke before the wrong group.

>“Thank you for your- That’s a City Council issue,” Arnold Sevell said.

They really gave her the "Ma'am this is a Wendy's" response.


Crimbobimbobippitybo t1_jc4264y wrote

They should have taken her up on the offer, and named it "Sex worker's day."

She would have loooooved that.


[deleted] t1_jc61nha wrote



S-Vagus t1_jc414vt wrote

Holy hell I'd want to get a custom weld job for an underwire bra if I had tits like that. Her back pain must be excruciating.


Crimbobimbobippitybo t1_jc453x8 wrote

That old guy had missile lock on those tits the whole time; I don't think he even blinked.


Klendy t1_jc5aiep wrote

these are a latex top, called a form and the choker and skin tones are dead giveaways:



Schellhammer t1_jc5fj4s wrote

Are these what that teacher who came to school one day with triple Z's was using


dykeag t1_jc4dc7b wrote

Those HAVE to be fake.... Right?


S-Vagus t1_jc4t5lz wrote

Gonna be honest I dunno. I've known women with some abnormally large breasts and those don't look like your normal inflated balloon type surgery deals.

Thank fuck dicks and vaginas don't come in such a terrifying range of shapes and sizes because then finding the one may as well be key and lock.


yogaengineer t1_jc4tmw0 wrote

She did say “enhancements” while caressing them in the video so…


ThisFreakinGuyHere t1_jc4s0ef wrote

They're not natural, but that doesn't mean they're not real.


TypicalJeepDriver t1_jc5lfzm wrote

My buddy hooked up with a chick that had implants. I asked how it was and he said “If they’re real enough to put in my hand, they’re real enough for me.”


Youareobscure t1_jc4md77 wrote

>Anyone else wishing to speak on the issue of the ... flamable liquids

Lol, there literally could not be a better thing to say following her speaking


bobert_the_grey t1_jc46nro wrote

Sponsored by Wolf Cola


firebat45 t1_jc5ilil wrote

Isn't every day "sugar daddy and mommy appreciation day" ? I though that was kinda the entire point.


SilasX t1_jc4aiy0 wrote

*Glucose Guardian Appreciation Day


VeryStableGenius t1_jc5o4rw wrote

You never go full Florida.

This is like a skit. A really good skit. Perfectly acted. And the final quote. Chef's kiss. Best supporting actor.

And she sounds just like my goddamned f---ing sister in law.

edit: I mean, if you wrote and acted this, and showed it to the execs at Netflix, you'd get series on the spot.


Zambito t1_jc5r4f0 wrote

"Per cap(checks notes)...ita"

It's now a life goal of mine to work one of those into a speech. Just perfect.


AntibacHeartattack t1_jc5unro wrote

I give this 3-1 odds of being a Sacha Baron Cohen-type thing.


VeryStableGenius t1_jc5w552 wrote

I think you might be right. The old guy hobbling back to his wheelchair gives it away. But perhaps it's just Florida.


nerevisigoth t1_jc64n7v wrote

This is definitely an act designed to go viral. Especially since she did it in Boca of all places.


aplagueofsemen t1_jc518em wrote

I mean why not? There’s a day for fucking everything ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Kind_Bullfrog_4073 t1_jc4q52c wrote

Surprised there isn't one already. We have Talk Like a Pirate Day.


Farge43 t1_jc5bzt4 wrote

I bet she wears tight spandex (because everything is tight on her) that says JUICY on the ass


Youngworker160 t1_jc5heo2 wrote

another piece of the puzzle falls into the conservative tilt in Florida, we have all your boomer meemaws and peppeps that wanna get laid. thanks a lot, NY and NJ.


nono66 t1_jc5r8p0 wrote

Her name is Ashley Cream and she has taken any desire I have left to believe that the human population shouldn't just return to the earth. Just give back the planet to the animals, raise the cities, leave no trace of our sad and foolhardy ways.


cosmicrae t1_jc72te3 wrote

Just make a Negotiable Affection Day, that will cover all the variants.


Tommy_Batch t1_jc4ypul wrote

Did they say "get the fuck outta here"? I would have.


colemon1991 t1_jc6x2ae wrote

Just celebrate on Father's and/or Mother's Day

If you're going to be that niche, just celebrate on an existing day. It's not that hard.


AnotherBadPlayer t1_jc7fgdp wrote

It looks like Nicki Minaj and Dog The Bounty Hunter's wife spliced together.


kim-jong-Cage t1_jc7pt3j wrote

What best I can do is some complementary wolf cola.


aaaanoon t1_jc5qj5s wrote

Slave owner day? Seems controversial


Gaeilgeoir215 t1_jc5qxee wrote

Can we please give Florida back to Spain? PLEASE‽‽‽


infectiousoma t1_jc5smtu wrote

I say we split Florida off and let it float away like in Rudolph. Although that enormous glob of seaweed that's making it's easy to the coast may just do God's work for us.


cosmicrae t1_jc73pbc wrote

Oh my. History lesson time, Florida was originally the land of the native indigenous people. Spain explored, spread diseases (probably smallpox), which wiped out many of the indigenous population, then claimed Florida for the Spanish Crown. Can’t really give it back to the indigenous, because most of those tribes are now gone.

We could, remove all humans, fence it off, and let nature reassert itself, but I don’t see that happening, because there is no profit in it.

Thank you for listening to my TED-talk :)


Gaeilgeoir215 t1_jc9nwyk wrote

No shit, Sherlock, but it wasn't a singular whole state under Native American rule, and there were several tribes in that part of the continent. So, if not Spain, how exactly would you propose to cede it back to peoples who were largely massacred and whose survivors were largely absorbed into neighboring ethnicities?

You can fuck all the way off with your stupid history lesson. Don't come for me unless I send for you, bitch!


ASilver76 t1_jc6gztr wrote

Ironically, its actually a perfect fit with a city who's name literally translates to "Rat's Mouth".


Materva t1_jc6gzzb wrote

This has got to be the best thing I've seen in months. Lady goes to a planning and zoning board, They let her go on her crazy rant then reply: "Thank you, that's a city council matter. She then doubles down on why she feels this is an important issue.


uranium_man t1_jc6iz0d wrote

It's as easy as f Eat sugar on mother day.


Head_Razzmatazz7174 t1_jcw8725 wrote

This popped up on my FB feed and I thought "You have GOT to be kidding!"

Then I clicked on the article.

SMH. Just what was she thinking?


derlich t1_jc5p2vc wrote

Only money could compel someone to touch that fairy tale troll.


RyFox122 t1_jc5ulip wrote

Are you serious... how about no, and keep sex etc out of schools...


ApocalypseSpokesman t1_jc5cled wrote

We surround ourselves with garbage,

then we eat the garbage and we are garbage

Welcome to Garbage


bvanbove t1_jc4x593 wrote

That’s a human being?


ThisFreakinGuyHere t1_jc4sicy wrote

The only people who dislike boobs this big are jelly girls and incels who think saying it will get them laid


buymytoy t1_jc59mpt wrote

Always love it when people live up to their username


subtle_numb t1_jc64974 wrote

Did you just use the word “jelly” as in “jealous” on a website other than 4chan in a year that isn’t like 2010?

Ya need help, son