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InflamedLiver t1_jc4bmnb wrote

I'd say my bidet is cleaner, but I'm sure there's a study that shows I'm blowing microplastics from the water up my ass so...


Minionz t1_jc55hfe wrote

Once I read about microplastics in my bidet I moved on to 3 sea shells.


RadaMorozova t1_jc5eeqz wrote

How do you use the shells?


nerve_on_a_brain t1_jc5o260 wrote

Haha, he doesn't know how to use the 3 seashells. Hahahhaha.. I can see how that would be confusing


pellicle_56 t1_jc88yf0 wrote

shh, brother, we are not in that future yet. Our role is only to observe.


DrSmurfalicious t1_jc4a72l wrote

Well, that toilet paper is gonna be even more toxic when I'm done with it.


Arigato_MrRoboto t1_jc46f1a wrote

Headline : Chemicals used in fucking everything.


[deleted] t1_jc4l7ii wrote



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Jokyho t1_jc4b3x4 wrote

I know my farts are bad but calling my poop “toxic forever chemicals” seems a little harsh.


Chinlc t1_jc5brvz wrote

Why is your poop all around the world


ShenBear t1_jc5palg wrote

Been around the world don't speak the language, but the booty don't need explainin.


xEasyActionx t1_jc57zt3 wrote

If its in toilet paper then its probably in paper towels, napkins, facial tissues. Receipt paper is already covered in horribly toxic thermal powder. We're pretty fucked no matter what.


[deleted] t1_jc5q8br wrote

Yeah we love giving ourselves cancer, we're very good at it


thieh t1_jc473o6 wrote

Well, we can't even shit in peace anymore. 😭


derek2002 t1_jc57mzm wrote

Yeah, and what aren't they found in again? Toilet paper is the least of my worries.


userbrave t1_jc4bo0e wrote

More worried about napkins


420ligmagooch t1_jc4u7ox wrote

Poop knife is looking more and more like a legitimate option in this fucked up timeline lmao....


Rich_xnda t1_jc4wn7v wrote

The study examined 21 popular toilet paper brands from North America, western Europe, Africa, Central America, and South America; however, the brands were not identified.

It seems pointless to name the brands since they are all involved.


lapsedhuman t1_jc4gqdi wrote

Well, that's just 'natural' these days, right?


Grandpachill t1_jc4ik9f wrote

Not shocking. Do you know how a tree gets turned into toilet paper? Using an absurd amount of chemical processing.


Here2Derp t1_jc5fgv8 wrote

Ha! I use a bidet and squirt the micro plastics right up into my intestines. I don't use my fingers like a savage!


newaccount721 t1_jc5qk05 wrote

Unfortunately this doesn't feel oniony anymore :/


DieselVoodoo t1_jc5yo8r wrote

Is this the poophole loophole I’ve heard about?


soda-jerk t1_jc6btlh wrote

PFAs are in the water -> The toilet paper manufacture process uses a shitload of water -> PFAs in your toilet paper.

To me, that explains why recycled toilet paper had just as many PFAs as regular.


Kamnera t1_jc51v7x wrote

I'm not sure why they didn't consider sharing the brands and test results to be crucial.


zstandig t1_jc55rnu wrote

Microplastics in the paper and squirty water, so now we gotta use three shells and the poop knife