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Globalist2 t1_jc5rgje wrote

Agreed. ITT, people who don't understand the financial services industry


The_Northern_Light t1_jc5wqda wrote

not just ITT but throughout reddit and beyond

also not just financial services, but everything to do with money


takeoff_power_set t1_jc5zpic wrote

Look at the source, it's fox. Not even worth a click. The whole thread should just be deleted


Kirshnerd t1_jc7k24m wrote

Skip the middle step, just delete Fox "News"


JustLurkinDontMindMe t1_jc77htn wrote

Can confirm. I work in banking compliance and the amount of misunderstanding when it comes to banks is unbelievable.


cleopete t1_jc9c0fj wrote

That's what makes them such an effective political tool for demagogues.


[deleted] t1_jc71qss wrote



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