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WorshipNickOfferman t1_jc5tof6 wrote

Except that’s not how this bail out is working. But keep on spreading misinformation. That’s what Reddit’s good for.


CreamPuffDelight t1_jc5uyy2 wrote

I love how sanctimonious and all knowing you are, on reddit.

Its as if you don't realize at all that you're doing exactly what you're condescending all the other redditors about. There's a word for that you know.


Adventurous_Aerie_79 t1_jc5yh6e wrote

agreed, he epitomizes everything he hates about reddit. And he seems to want to respond to every comment, usually in a prett dickish way.


Adventurous_Aerie_79 t1_jc5u1rk wrote

yes, hence the "somehow". I've seen too many bank bailouts in my life to beleive the banks will cover it.