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leaflavaplanetmoss t1_jc654nt wrote

While I agree with you in principle, AML/EDD managers make significantly more than $60k; that's starting salary for an AML analyst.

The job posting is still available on LinkedIn, and the description itself has a base pay range (not a LinkedIn estimate) of $130 - $240k:

I work in financial crimes and for a Sr. Manager role, you're looking at high 100k range typically.


Writer10 t1_jc6chry wrote

You are 100% correct. Risk, AML, EDD officers/managers in the Bay Area start around the range you posted. Those of us in the industry know the truth about roles & comp, and it amazes me what people on Reddit think about us. Like we’re complicit in the corruption when WE are the ones uncovering and cleaning it up.

Regardless, props to you for weighing in with facts, and keep up the good fight.


Johndough99999 t1_jc6c7zw wrote

> more than $60k; that's starting salary

If in California, that would be the minimum salary for any position. Salary cannot be less than 2x minimum wage in CA.