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baeb66 t1_jcbxf7z wrote

Why is the LDS church running farms in the first place? That whole organization is just one giant corporation masquerading as a religious institution.


habb t1_jcc6d68 wrote

they even have a stock portfolio that they use to gamble on the stock market with the tithing money


DIWhy-not t1_jcc8ag7 wrote

They have a $44 BILLION stock portfolio. That’s as much money in play as major hedge funds like Citadel.


clarkn0va t1_jccoowv wrote

If that's gambling, they must be the house.


habb t1_jce6xld wrote

why would ol' joseph smith trust his money with anyone else?


Elsecaller_17-5 t1_jccw6z8 wrote

The farms are nonprofits and provide food for those in need.


TerryCratchett t1_jcfkwmn wrote

Not all of them. They run an enormous for-profit farming and ranching operation. Check out AgReserves. Owned 100% by LDS church.


ninja_stelf t1_jccptad wrote

As 20,000 acre feet of water rights will no longer be diverted for agriculture, the Lake will benefit greatly.


JordanT4 t1_jccbpjf wrote

The Church uses farmland, ranches, and other facilities to produce the aid we send out. It makes its own donations rather than rely on the good will of corporations giving when they feel like it.

I know many distrust the business activities of the Church, but it all stems from necessity. When we first became a church pretty much no one liked us so we had to make a life by ourselves. Especially when we exiled ourselves out to Utah and people would refuse to even sell to us prior to that. The Church has had to be self-reliant and the businesses it operates come from that tradition of self-reliance.


johnsnowforpresident t1_jccigzo wrote

There's a difference between self-sufficiency and becoming a megacorp. It may have started as a necessity, but now its just a tax dodge. Given that the LDS church basically runs Utah politics these days, it's pretty disingenuous to claim necessity at all at this point.


ClonedUser t1_jccj33e wrote

I wonder why people have this distrust. To be clear, I have no problem with them using the money for aid or sending people on mission trips, but there’s a lot of shady stuff that goes on financially.


GMorristwn t1_jcf0nzh wrote

Doesn't help the church was founded by a grifter...


joestaff t1_jccc60f wrote

Everytime I read LDS church, I read it as LSD church, and I wonder what I'm missing out on.


DeaDGoDXIV t1_jcda4k5 wrote

I dunno, but we could ask Timothy Leary, I heard he knows a thing or two about that


Commercial_Board6680 t1_jcgaonw wrote

Not a religious believer by a long shot, but I would join the Church of LSD in a heartbeat.


Few-School-3869 t1_jcbvevi wrote

Man, this corporation doesn't pay taxes AND they've been hoarding water?!


submit_a_text_post t1_jcc3x6g wrote

Omg that comment section for the original post. It’s just PR.


skoltroll t1_jcc9co7 wrote

Buncha people from heavy-GOP Utah patting themselves on the back for a tiny climate fix hoisted upon them under threat of becoming (more) uninhabitable.


submit_a_text_post t1_jccdjk6 wrote

Yeah and people are suckers for cheap PR. Although sometimes I wonder if those comments are even real.


bearsheperd t1_jcci7eg wrote

They should just pray for water.


vineyardmike t1_jcd5zne wrote

They did. The governor literally asked people to pray for rain last year.

Utah punches way above their weight on r/nottheonion


bearsheperd t1_jcd71gv wrote

And it didn’t work?! Huh must be gods will then


vineyardmike t1_jcd7nn7 wrote

Quote from a Utah state senator a couple of days ago. You can't make this stuff up.

“A couple of years ago, Governor Cox got soundly mocked by left-leaning liberal media for asking Utahns to come together in faith and prayer, no matter what their denomination or faith was, to pray for precipitation,” Henderson said.

“We’ve got a lot more to do, and there’s a lot more water that we need, but we are experiencing some potentially record-setting precipitation levels this winter. Thank you for your prayers, and I want to say thank you for sticking it to the liberal pundits,” Henderson told delegates.

In June of 2021, Cox called for a “weekend of prayer,” asking Utahns of all faiths to pray for rain to help rescue the state from the grip of a multi-year drought. Cox’s call for prayer as drought relief was ridiculed by several prominent media figures, including comedian John Oliver on his “Last Week Tonight” HBO program.

Henderson also reportedly delivered some version of her comments at Republican Party events in Weber and Cache Counties on Saturday.


More_Cowbell8 t1_jcepsdp wrote

LDS church is a goddamn cult. Hoarding billions upon billions of dollars. Concealing and allowing child & toddler rape to prosper under their watch, unofficially- wink, wink. Like every single other church, they only care about PR. All churches are really the house of the Abrahamic religions satan. It's crystal fucking clear religious institutions are a pedos wet dream & money making scam from day one.


thatweirdguyted t1_jchfts5 wrote

I don't think it's the intention to have them from the get go. I think it's an unfortunate "ants a picnic" phenomenon. Like how house parties are great fun, but eventually you have to stop having them because inevitably some frat bro asshole fills the toilet with kitty litter (thanks again Lonny, you prick)

A churches main goal is blind, unquestioning obedience. Mainly for the purposes of profit,, but they'll swear it's for the Prophet. That is it's own scam in and of itself, it needs no further shenanigans. But it also takes a real amoral, narcissistic asshole to make a career out of duping ignorant saps full time. So it's not like they'd let morality or even legality get in the way of fucking the congregation, financially or physically. They probably dont see much of a difference.

The church can't really purge themselves of this kind of person without shutting down most of the rest of the scam. And there's too much money in it to just walk away. So they do what they can to cover it up and use PR to make it seem like they're not just letting it all continue.


More_Cowbell8 t1_jchl0ju wrote

It was from the get-go actually. The moment the church realized the $$ possibilities, they killed off the gnostic, & the institution was born.


restore_democracy t1_jcc9qhn wrote

Maybe they can dump a bottle of Trump Water in there while they’re at it.


kmbllmrtnsn t1_jcrzlcb wrote

Mormons, despite being overwhelmingly conservative, voted for trump is much smaller numbers than evangelicals.

I’m not Mormon but just stating 🤷‍♂️


Hsensei t1_jcd4jaf wrote

It's to late, they are not even delaying the inevitable


LarYungmann t1_jcdjtml wrote

So... Do they have like a horde of water sitting around somewhere like government cheese?


Iamonte t1_jccna3h wrote

After the donation, many water shares does the church still own?