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JordanT4 t1_jccbpjf wrote

The Church uses farmland, ranches, and other facilities to produce the aid we send out. It makes its own donations rather than rely on the good will of corporations giving when they feel like it.

I know many distrust the business activities of the Church, but it all stems from necessity. When we first became a church pretty much no one liked us so we had to make a life by ourselves. Especially when we exiled ourselves out to Utah and people would refuse to even sell to us prior to that. The Church has had to be self-reliant and the businesses it operates come from that tradition of self-reliance.


johnsnowforpresident t1_jccigzo wrote

There's a difference between self-sufficiency and becoming a megacorp. It may have started as a necessity, but now its just a tax dodge. Given that the LDS church basically runs Utah politics these days, it's pretty disingenuous to claim necessity at all at this point.


ClonedUser t1_jccj33e wrote

I wonder why people have this distrust. To be clear, I have no problem with them using the money for aid or sending people on mission trips, but there’s a lot of shady stuff that goes on financially.


GMorristwn t1_jcf0nzh wrote

Doesn't help the church was founded by a grifter...