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pleasedontPM t1_jcfma8s wrote

This man has no shame.


Crimbobimbobippitybo t1_jcfszpg wrote

No shame, no brains, no heart, no soul, just a gaping pit he shovels money into.


Javamac8 t1_jcgmb1s wrote

You and I both know an indentured servant is doing the shovelling.


SonOfAhuraMazda t1_jcgt77z wrote

Yeah, how can I get some of that. Ive been doing the right thing my entire life and im poor and miserable.

Id rather be rich and guilty than poor and innocent


Crimbobimbobippitybo t1_jcgu040 wrote

The secret is to be someone who doesn't feel guilt in the first place, who is unburdened by screwing others.

Something tells me that isn't you.


anticomet t1_jcgyjmf wrote

You're forgetting the "having rich parents" part


DeeplyTroubledSmurf t1_jcj8vz4 wrote

Get in to strict commission sales and start manipulating! You can usually just straight up lie to people, as long as they sign something in writing while you're chatting them up, they won't actually know what they're agreeing to. You have written proof and get paid, they can't prove you lied.

Taking strict commission usually earns you way more per sale than a salary/commission. When you're at the top of sales for a while you can even negotiate a higher percent of the cut.


AlexBucks93 t1_jcfmoha wrote

Today I’m Rwandan genocide


Hadren-Blackwater t1_jchbs19 wrote

Tomorrow I'm a uyghur in a concentration camp.

And the day after that is the day I get my anti psychotic medication refilled.


morenewsat11 t1_jcfn2qo wrote

>“And then I decided, I thought about it, and I remembered my visit to the [genocide] memorial – and you should all visit it – and I said ‘Who am I to give up?’

This latest nugget of the ridiculous brought to you courtesy of the same man who said:


>“Today I feel Qatari. Today I feel Arab. Today I feel African. Today I feel gay. Today I feel disabled. Today I feel a migrant worker,” he said in an explosive hour-long monologue in front of a stunned audience,” said Infantino.


SuDragon2k3 t1_jcfq0mp wrote

>‘Who am I to give up...

... the wheelbarrows of cash they keep dropping in my numbered bank accounts. '

Finished that for you mate.


Panamania1 t1_jch19vj wrote

You forgot the best part of the second quote! The part where he said “I know what it’s like to be discriminated against… I was made fun of for having red hair”


supercyberlurker t1_jcg10t4 wrote

This is FIFA's president.

We should just be glad Rwanda's genocide didn't 'inspire him' to recreate it.


homelessdreamer t1_jcj7kib wrote

He only won fucking years ago! I was going to make a joke about giving him some time but someone has apparently stolen a bunch of mine.


Darryl_Lict t1_jcjxgr8 wrote

Without reading the article, I assumed that the FIFA president thought that genocide was a good inspirational thing.


timojenbin t1_jcghgtq wrote

'Sepp Blatter' sounds like a bond villain.
'Gianni Infantino' sounds like a some who diddles prepubescent girls.


SonOfAhuraMazda t1_jcgtgr6 wrote

Sepp blatter sounds like some sort of incurable disease.

"That hooker gave me sepp blatter man"

Jesus dude, how long you have?


foxontherox t1_jch2dt1 wrote

I always thought Sepp Blatter had Star Wars vibes.


Yoshi2010 t1_jch8348 wrote

I always think of the British comedian Hugh Dennis pointing out it sounds like a German man saying "step-ladder".


Torque92 t1_jcg18x3 wrote

Today I'm an out of touch pile of crap. And yesterday. And tomorrow.


odrea t1_jcg3n07 wrote

no dude, it's 💵, always has been 💵


SnowProkt22 t1_jcgtva0 wrote

Wait, when did we vote for FIFA president? I certainly didn't vote for him. Who are the fucking asshats that get a say in this?


btfoom15 t1_jcgz7hw wrote

Just watch the Netlfix series: FIFA Uncovered

It's so sickening to see how much corruption and money influence literally every decision they make.


foxontherox t1_jch29r2 wrote

This sounds like the beginning of a great Monty Python skit.


meanderthal54 t1_jcg8pwy wrote

Him winning another term after his series of complete bumbling fuck ups last year shows why FIFA is a joke.


pimtheman t1_jcgsazb wrote

You do know he was literally the only person on the Ballot?

He could not not win


meanderthal54 t1_jcgtjk4 wrote

I do know that. Which of course means he ran unopposed, which is ridiculous.


HardButter t1_jch9w1z wrote

I want him to award it to North Korea, just to see if he can get away with it. It really doesn't matter people will still watch the matches even if it had a execution of half time show.

At a certain point the fans have to take some of the slack for still supporting FIFA. The last one had bribery, slave labor, no beer (unless you are very rich), couldn't wear a rainbow, a ton of human rights violations and they rolled back any worker rights after it was over. He will keep on doing whatever he wants, the fans have made it perfectly clear there is no line he can't cross and they will still support (money) and watch. Don't complain if ya watched the World Cup, you supported his actions.


theflamingsword101 t1_jch2x4f wrote

Fuck Fifa! Second only to the Olympics for bribes and vice.


dalici0us t1_jcin2oq wrote

Honestly FIFA might have passed the IOC at this point. Which is quite the feat.


Sylarxz t1_jch1s5o wrote

today I feel.. Rwanda genocide


OverCLocK_DE t1_jch5e5q wrote

This guy is just so far out of this world. I might want some of the stuff he’s taking.


elanhilation t1_jci3hza wrote

oh, so what ethnic group is FIFA planning to genocide, then?


[deleted] t1_jcitkzv wrote

"Inspired"? WTF does THAT mean?!


Reborn5275 t1_jchecc2 wrote

So when are people going to give a fuck and do something about it?


CheapestOfSkates t1_jchfnxo wrote

This jackass is the perfect representation of FIFA.


Trick-Doctor-208 t1_jck41by wrote

Just take out the word memorial and it sounds more appropriate for this chucklefuck.


Crooked_Cock t1_jcmzsx0 wrote

This man is the definition of lacking ethics.