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sanjsrik t1_jcld4j5 wrote

Wow. Just wow.


ghigoli t1_jcndsic wrote

FDIC should fucking seize all the c-suites money and just beat them with a bat in prison cells.

they fucked up but won't admit it. wtf is professionalism these days if everyone making millions is just a fucking toddler in a suit.


TheReapingFields t1_jcpi3dr wrote

Professionalism? Hell no. Look, I think its best someone explains the financial and banking sector to you, before you get entrenched in the idea there is any professional standard in play. There isn't.

It is a sector, just like investing is, for people who point blank refuse to work for their money, and will do anything as long as they can keep themselves from doing any work and making money while doing it. It exclusively attracts people who only sweat at all, if they are either at spin class, getting laid, or climbing more stairs than they planned for. Its for people with soft hands, weak backs and no guts.

If any of the people in the financial services sector were worth a shit, they'd have learned a trade, worked out how to use power tools and rulers, and be building houses, fixing plumbing, laying cable and doing carpentry, but instead, they joined the "I don't want to do anything useful, but I want you to pay me up the ass to do the useless shit I do" brigade. It shouldn't be a surprise that things collapse when the people in the industry are as they are. It should be a source of shock every time a day goes by WITHOUT a major collapse, because its more by luck than judgement.


toejamandtoast t1_jcptvqd wrote

Honestly if the people who continue to do this DID face beatings and actual consequences it wouldn’t be as rampant.