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AndyB1976 t1_jcwthk2 wrote

So he lied about his lies and had a movie made about his lies starring two of Hollywood's top leading men. How much did he make off the movie? Sounds like a rather successful con.


moonpumper t1_jcxpfdg wrote

Sounds like he basically could have been a screenwriter if they just removed "true story" from the movie.


ideal_observer t1_jcy4zhw wrote

I think part of what worked about the movie was that it was advertised as a true story. If it hadn’t been, people would have called it ridiculous and unrealistic.


T1Pimp t1_jcy3v3t wrote

A true master of the long con.


sloppymcgee t1_jcysl6x wrote

They should make a movie about it


mtpgod t1_jcz84bt wrote

A movie about the con of a con who conned Hollywood? Sign me up, again.


HypnoSmoke t1_jd0qnqe wrote

Plot twist: this article is misinformation designed by Abagnale for this purpose exactly


PhasmaFelis t1_jd00lsu wrote

Ironically, he became a successful con artist by lying about being a successful con artist.

The embodiment of "fake it 'til you make it"