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KamovInOnUp t1_jd2xcnk wrote

I know we want every reason to mock him (not that it's hard to find a reason) but did he really? He definitely didn't sign a check himself, there were probably hundreds of people involved in that deal and there's no way it was a true accident


saltyjohnson t1_jd2ywt5 wrote

I don't believe that he's that stupid as to intentionally commit to buying Twitter for far over its share price and waiving due diligence, spend months trying to wriggle his way out of it citing things that he waived as reasons to cancel the deal, tank his personal net worth causing all of the American banks who were financing him practically for free to pull their deals off the table, and cause him to scramble for new money from Saudi Arabia and others in order to close the deal by the deadline so he wouldn't get saddled with the billion dollar penalty for pulling out.

Calling it an accident is kind. To say he did all that on purpose would be mocking him.