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ChuckFeathers t1_jd09tj8 wrote

>“minor-attracted persons”

Are they really saying that about trans people?


oxbloodoi999 t1_jd0c2gd wrote

It's an astroterfed 4chan phrase from years ago to try and frame LGBT as potentially more accepting of pedos.


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Rosebunse t1_jd0c92i wrote

I found an old book from the 70s that used this sort of language. It was weird.


Schneetmacher t1_jd1947b wrote

The 70s were... a very strange time. Basically, after decades of negative Freudian influence on sex, people just sort of went nuts and did a lot of crazy shit - including treating adolescents like they were adults.


ChuckFeathers t1_jd0ctmi wrote

Right I get that, just a bit shocked that a group supposedly representing 1 letter from LGBTQ+ would paint another entire letter with that brush.


bouchert t1_jd0u6r7 wrote

This is a fundamental problem that arises with intersectionality. A lot of oppressed people turn against each other over minor differences, out of distrust, jealousy, or I don't know what.


Astrium6 t1_jd21ger wrote

I think it’s just an innate human desire to not be at the bottom of the pecking order. You just need someone, anyone to look down on so you’re not completely at the bottom.


absolute_gimboid t1_jd21og6 wrote

You might be conservative, most people don’t think they need to shit on someone below them, that’s you.


nightraindream t1_jd27k56 wrote

I'm pretty sure they're talking about the self-esteem hypothesis of social identity theory.


absolute_gimboid t1_jd3rmto wrote

The way it was phrased it sounded as if it was their personal belief and worldview.


nightraindream t1_jd5duup wrote

I mean they probably are, but it's also an existing hypothesis in social psychology. Makes their opinion a little more valid than them just being a 'conservative'.


absolute_gimboid t1_jd5ebt7 wrote

Considering this hypothesis encompasses the Conservative hierarchical worldview, it doesn't seem like much a of stretch of the imagination to me. I never took Sociology so hopefully I can be forgiven for not being able to identify this theory on it's face.


nightraindream t1_jd5gk3d wrote

Yikes, my friend. Just because someone makes an observation on intergroup dynamics doesn't make them lean one way or another. In-group bias is also well documented with you currently, and very ironically, showing out-group negativity.

Fwiw, I doubt conservatives are wondering why marginalised groups end up attacking each other rather than uniting for a common goal.


absolute_gimboid t1_jd5km1k wrote

Shame on me for taking someone's words in the first person as meaning what they think. And of course Conservatives don't wonder, it's what they do to every out-group.


nightraindream t1_jd5vhkn wrote

Look if you want to play the victim here you're more than welcome. I genuinely don't care, have a nice day.


absolute_gimboid t1_jd5ypup wrote

I never asked for your continued opinion, you gave it. You cared enough to try and give me a hard time with it so please do go fuck yourself.


karstadtt t1_jd2s67d wrote

Yes, it is so pathetic of those lesbians to exclude transsexuals, so pitiful! They really only have jealousy in mind and it has absolutely nothing to do with transsexuals occupying gay dating apps and hitting on women pretending to be lesbians, while still having functional dick and balls, or participating/dominating in womens sports (check out how many lesbians are in the average soccer team), including unwanted body contact.


No_Assignment_5742 t1_jd3krcj wrote

Why do you think the government is doing everything they can to divide us???? It makes it easier for them to control us, take away our rights, etc etc, without anyone pushing back.... because everyone's too busy fighting themselves......once people wake up to this....the better.....


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nightraindream t1_jd2988z wrote

Are you American by some chance? I would be careful of indirectly dismissing the work of Una Marson, Jayaben Desai, Olive Morris, etc. Just because they were more activism than academic.

The US had all that you wrote and is also transphobic. Pointing to feminism as the reason the UK is transphobic... feels wrong.


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bouchert t1_jd2sg9z wrote

Really? Kathleen Stock, Julie Bindel, and Martina Navratilova all straight? That'll come as a surprise to them.


7HauntedDays t1_jd1ypft wrote

Ummm a TON of lesbians and gays don’t even consider themselves apart of the rainbow soup thing….cuz well as they say, it’s very cult like and demands TOTAL obedience to all and any beliefs they hold. As they also say….their sexual preference doesn’t define their entire existence….🤷🏼‍♀️ You’re gonna see more and more of that I’m sure.


dsxy t1_jd24n88 wrote

No it doesn't.

Some people are just trash and they are in every race/gender/religion/profession.


ammonium_bot t1_jd2ofqw wrote

> themselves apart of the

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killerbee2319 t1_jd0b2pc wrote

That's been their main line of attack for the better part of the last 8 years. I don't know why they confuse us with preists and southern Baptist ministers...


ChuckFeathers t1_jd0bft0 wrote

Just proof there's no end to tribalism, even amongst the victims of it.


killerbee2319 t1_jd2w8hx wrote

BoTh SiDeS aRe JuSt aS bAd!

Do you really not grasp the context in which that statement was made. Or do you possess the ability to see context and just really don't want to admit you've been complicit in allowing a bunch of people following the same pattern as Nazi's in 1930's Germany?

In case you are wondering, the number of gender queer people who have been publicly identified as pedophiles is so small that Republican lawmakers and their propaganda news outlets don't use real cases while they pontificate on the evils of people like me. While the pedophilia in both the Catholic and Southern Baptist Churches and the organized decades long cover-up and protection of pedophiles is well documented.

May you never have to know what it is like to fear leaving your house because a group of people with a long history of abusing the law to hurt you said that your public existence is now illegal. May you never feel the pain of being denied appropriate medical care to save your life because a bunch of people who think science is evil decided they knew better than your doctors. May you never have to make the choice of where to pee in public because one door could get you killed and will cause you to spiral into depression and the other could get you arrested and branded a sex offender for... using a public bathroom.


Shazbot42069 t1_jd34njt wrote

Chronically online moment.

They weren't saying any of that.


killerbee2319 t1_jd375xx wrote

Saying it? No. Heavily implying it? Yes. Possibly being ignorant of what they are implying? Likely.


Shazbot42069 t1_jd3eogv wrote

No. They weren't. They said even oppressed people can be tribalistic. Which they can.

There is nothing controversial about their comment unless you're overly jaded and venting about it.


YouAreOnRedditNow t1_jd3b8yr wrote

Uh... Nice rant, but what does any of that have to do with the comment you're replying to? Remember, this is what they said:

>Just proof there's no end to tribalism, even amongst the victims of it.

They were just saying we're all susceptible to the same patterns of human behaviour, even after we've been on the very negative receiving end of it.

So I don't know what lines you're reading between but frankly your reply seems wildly out of place.


killerbee2319 t1_jd3kd85 wrote

Ok. So the original article is about a tribe that calls itself Republicans. That tribe is working hard to legalize the persecution of another tribe called transgender folks. This particular article is about passing a law to keep less than 5 people in an entire (tiny population, but still) from participating in sports events where they have no distinct advantage (as born out by the complete lack of domination in any sport except for one person who was already an elite athlete). They have also been widely passing laws that will outlaw the public existence of transgender people on the basis that dressing in a manner they deem unfit for what they've decided their gender is is inherently sexual. They have passed laws requiring transgender people to put themselves in dangerous situations. They have widely lied about transgender people being dangerous to children. They are passing laws to take away access to life-saving care that every major national and international medical professional organization supports. They are specifically allowing these same procedures to be used on cis children, and only denying them to people who they know (because they have been directly told, under oath, by experts backed up by numerous studies by medical professionals) will be more inclined to suicide. Lest you think this is a bug, not a feature, at several major Republican engagements, they have routinely and loudly applauded calls for the extermination and elimintion of transgender people (but not, they later claim, their murder).

Transgender people then complain that they are being persecuted and are yelling loudly that they don't want to be persecuted. They have taken no violent actions. They have not called publicly for the extermination of the Republican party or its underlying groups. They have not excused literal neo-nazi groups from showing up armed and shouting threats at their public events. They have not started a news network to broadcast anti-Republican propaganda. They have simply (and more loudly now) asked not to be persecuted by hatemongering politicians who can't run on a policy platform anymore.

This person then claims that tribalism exists on both sides, which unless they are fond of writing random facts without any context, would clearly imply that both sides are the same, which in the context of reality, they are not. Kindly take your sad, overdone semantic argument and be honest with yourself. Neither of you care one whit about fairness or truth or justice or peace. You simply want quiet and order, and you are willing to sacrifice others to get it. I'm sorry you lack the ability to contextualize dog whistles. I'm glad you don't have to understand them on a visceral level because it is a vital survival skill, though.

Maybe next time, hear what someone else says, and consider why they are saying it before assuming I spend too much time online. I probably do, but then, as the majority of my state is happy face state sponsored persecution, going outside my house requires quite a bit of effort. Individually, most people couldn't care less, but all it takes is one person willing to yell loudly, and it becomes a crowd, and crowds can be cruel, heartless, and dangerous things.


ChuckFeathers t1_jd3pqfu wrote

Yeah that's not at all what I meant, as others have said, I was talking about this L group acting tribalist toward T's.

Just to be clear, I am 100% on your side and both sides are definitely not the same.

Fuck Repugnicans. Fuck Christo-fascists. Fuck bigotry.


YouAreOnRedditNow t1_jd3pz0t wrote

I think you are reading way too much into small comments. Just because you are part of a marginalized group (even one currently under attack) doesn't mean human nature no longer applies to you. That's the whole point, here, full stop.

Nobody is saying you're wrong about the horrible direction the Republican party is leading their voters, just that tribalism (the innate human behaviour of forming an in-group) is a pervasive concept that could help explain why and how we act the way we act. That's it - tribalism is not even necessarily a bad thing, in general, and I'm certainly not defending the Republican party.

Also, it was a different Redditor that said you spend too much time online, not me. This latching on to small, inoffensive comments as though they are attacks directed at you does kind of make me think they may be right, though.


killerbee2319 t1_jd4eftr wrote

First and foremost: if you don't want to get called out for saying things that bigots and centrists who support them say, then don't say them.

Secondly, you specifically went out of your way to comment about how I am the same as my oppressor... what exactly was your intention. Do you just state random facts at times? Do you not recognize how being equated with people who have publicly and frequently called for the extermination of people like you, and side with groups who think the Nazi's didn't go far enough might be offensive to someone?


YouAreOnRedditNow t1_jd4h353 wrote

Aghhhh! Again, this is not at all the intent behind my replies. You are taking them in a very personal way AND confusing me with other redditors, when all I'm saying is:

>You are also a human

The end! Nobody is infallible. My whole intention is that YOU shouldn't consider yourself completely different from any group of people, because you will always have the common denominator of being human. YOU are just as much of a human as Obama, Ghandi, Oprah, Cher, Putin, Trump, and Napoleon goddamn Bonaparte. You can think you're not, but you would be wrong.

Put yourself on the highest pedestal you want, project whatever awfulness onto me you want, but this aggressive, debate-anyone-who-might-be-an-enemy approach of yours is only going to push people away.

I'm saying you should be reasonable and recognize your own bias, you're saying I agree with bigots/nazis, but somehow you're the offended one in all this? That fucked up attitude is going to undermine anything positive you're trying to accomplish.


killerbee2319 t1_jd4rj19 wrote

Do you seriously not see how the context of this conversation, in which most of the comments surrounding the debate over whether or not I should be treated like a human, the comment that I am human, just like my oppressor could easily be construed as an insult or minimiztion of the situation?

If you are an ally, I beg you to listen. I don't need useless statements of facts that I am the same as my oppressor. That is not being a good ally. If my joke was about exterminating them or denying them the right to deal with a medical issue, then by all means, tell me I've gone too far.

But we don't need allies who back away from supporting us because we made a joke about the number of proven pedophiles in the groups accusing us of being pedophiles. Or people who dont listen when we tell them why what they just said was offensive. If that puts you off, how are you going to respond when things get really hard? This isn't a game anymore. I have to sell my house next month because I can't take the risk that the state I've lived in their while life won't come after me and my kid. I am afraid. There are open calls for genocide, that they claim aren't open calls for genocide, but what do you call an hour long screed about exterminating and eliminating people?


YouAreOnRedditNow t1_jd4znjf wrote

You know what, it feels like I say something simple and rational, and then you reply like you're replying to five different people at once. You're putting things other people have said onto me so you can debate those things. But I don't agree with it, you just seem to think I do because I pointed out that what the original comment said was not incorrect.

I can't support positions that I don't agree with, so the more of those you project onto me, the less I want to talk to you because I feel like I'm just "the enemy" to you, even though if we met in real life you'd see just how wrong that assumption is.


The original comment, from my understanding, was an observation about how Lesbian groups, despite the adversity they have faced, are still forcing that same adversity onto trans groups. This is a facet of human behaviour wherein we seek to identify with groups of people like ourselves, and UNFORTUNATELY will also lash out at people not in the group, and not always for logical reasons. It's sad, and not a good thing, but you replied as if to say that it was completely made up and not relevant, when --> addressing that behaviour is how we can start to face these problems <--


killerbee2319 t1_jd5rfjf wrote

Yes... it has been a long day. You were and are right. 100% I was on a completely different book... on a totally different topic. This is not at all sarcasm. Just me being an idiot and finally admitting it.


YouAreOnRedditNow t1_jd6bj4i wrote

I really appreciate you saying this, no hard feelings. I hope you understood my point about the common ground we share, even with our least favorite people, because I feel like that is so important to help things move in the right direction, little by little, in all of our communities.


ChuckFeathers t1_jd3p2wa wrote

Idk where you are coming from with all of that based on what I said... But I am 100% a LGBTQ+ ally, 100% about science based treatments, and just as disgusted with Repugnicans and Christo-fascism, and bigotry in all its forms as you are. I sincerely hope you can get to a place where you can live in peace with access to everything you need to make yourself whole.


DarkAthena t1_jczugie wrote

Just goes to show that TERFs can’t even tell the difference between cis and trans.


waylandsmith t1_jd04n3q wrote

If they zoom in really, really far they can examine the chromosomes. It's a TERF superpower.


problematic_antelope t1_jd1qnrj wrote

All the pictures they used were of transmasc and nonbinary people who were assigned female at birth. The site creators most likely consider them to be lesbian women.


grafknives t1_jd28ldw wrote

That was my thought too.

The site creators can totally say that people in the picture are "PROPER" lesbians.

I would not be surprised if they do.


[deleted] t1_jd22c0a wrote

Yeah, if anything they'll try to prove a point with it now


enkidushane t1_jd2t6ht wrote

Isn't that one of the primal fears behind anti-trans sentiment and action? If a God fearing straight person can't tell the difference and was "deceived" into finding a trans person attractive then it would shatter their comfortable illusion that the world is full of simple binary dichotomies.

male/female good/evil straight/gay us/them pets/food Etc.

So rather than accept the admittedly often uncomfortable ambiguity of living in a messy universe, they blame the deceiver (or Deceiver), exclude them, ostracize them, and then argue they don't really exist


BasilExposition75 t1_jd0tna4 wrote

Since when are lesbians CIS?


DomesticApe23 t1_jd0xb81 wrote

>Cis, short for cisgender (pronounced sis-gender, or just sis), is a term that means whatever gender you are now is the same as what was presumed for you at birth. This simply means that when a parent or doctor called you a boy or a girl when you were born, they got it right.


Milsivich t1_jd1lfba wrote

I'll never understand why people like you jump into conversations with opinions locked and loaded, but without even knowing the FIRST THING about what you're talking about.


BasilExposition75 t1_jd4opo1 wrote

Since when was my opinion LOCKED... I asked a question.... I thought CIS just meant straight...


Milsivich t1_jd519tl wrote


BasilExposition75 t1_jd52j83 wrote


Lots of people were helpful and I am thankful. People like you are the fucking worst...


Milsivich t1_jd59h5w wrote

I just have no patience for people who make their ignorance everyone else’s problem. Take responsibility


SilveredFlame t1_jd1nab2 wrote

Get back under your bridge.


BasilExposition75 t1_jd5vhrs wrote

That is helpful in explaining it... Thanks...



SilveredFlame t1_jd5vtp8 wrote

Why should I waste time explaining something to you that others have already tried, and to which your responses have demonstrated your complete lack of good faith?

That's rhetorical BTW.

Shoo now, back to your bridge.


BasilExposition75 t1_jd6424n wrote

They explained it and I said thank you. Those are called helpful people. You are not one of them.


SilveredFlame t1_jd64o4g wrote

Your unwillingness to put in the slightest effort to fix your ignorance is not my responsibility.


Fergeda t1_jczueel wrote

But I thought they could always tell?


problematic_antelope t1_jd1qs52 wrote

The pictures they used were of AFABs who don't identify as women, they didn't confuse transwomen with ciswomen.


FantasmaNaranja t1_jd1v8ob wrote

goes to show they cant tell who's actually trans and genuinely dont realize they will be harmed by any anti trans legislation they try to pass


The_orangineer t1_jd01ydy wrote

There is nothing quite as effective as complaining about being silenced on BBC Woman's Hour, LBC, and GB "News" while having an article published in the Torygraph.


Orkran t1_jd029sp wrote

And the fucking Guardian, which caused me to stop donating to them


Breys t1_jd0vztb wrote

This is what gets me so angry. A group that is disseminated against by society finally makes inroads towards equality and what do they do. Turn around and feel completely justified in discriminating against another group.

You'd think they'd notice they were using the same attacks that were once used on them.


MaievSekashi t1_jd1ax4t wrote

TERFs aren't really feminists. When do they ever actually talk about feminism or issues effecting women? It's just a lazy cover over the same old gaggle of mostly christian conservatives.


kalekayn t1_jd3al4v wrote

I've seen them referred to as FARTs. Feminist Approaching Radical Transphobes.


Shazbot42069 t1_jd34tim wrote

No true Scotsman fallacy danger zone. But yes, they generally don't adhear to feminist principals.


katievspredator t1_jd30nbe wrote

Not to be an asshole, but I don't really see trans people talk about issues affecting women or feminism, or show up to rallies for women's rights like abortion. Not saying they don't, but I don't really see it. They usually care about trans rights, because that's what they identify as, if I understand correctly. Roe vs Wade was overturned not even a year ago. Girls are being banned from talking about periods in school. Women's rights aren't "solved," cis women are actively under attack. I don't see the harm in women focusing on women's issues that are still under attack.


MagnificentRussian t1_jd3dmne wrote

Trans people marched for abortion rights, marched during the Women’s Marches and dominated Twitter posts calling out sexual violence, harassment and misogyny.

Rowling and her acolytes didn’t tweet about Roe V Wade being overturned for three weeks and even then it was only to complain about trans people. They also didn’t tweet about prominent cases where women were raped by male guards and police officers but instead invented trans boogeymen to take the blame.

Educate yourself before you comment.


mirddes t1_jd1hm8e wrote

terf is a slur used against people trans activists disagree with.

no one self identifies as terf.


MaievSekashi t1_jd1jjcc wrote

OK terf

Y'all just don't have the courage to own your own term now that it's a dirty word because you all look like bigots without a new term to scurry under.


nightraindream t1_jd2ddoh wrote

Tbf to them they are a conservative man, they're definitely not a feminist by any stretch of the imagination. They're just your common garden transphobe.


mirddes t1_jd1jozi wrote

so sluring people is perfectly acceptable? what a bigot.


TransFormAndFunction t1_jd1md5e wrote

TERF isn't a slur, you dumbasses coined the phrase yourself.

And besides that, there is no such thing as a slur against an ideology. Slurs are words that are used against people based on innate traits, like orientation, gender, race, ability. Your GC/TERF ideology is a learned hatred. You sound like a White Nationalist throwing a fit for being called a Nazi, and calling Nazi a slur. It's not a slur.

Racists tell us all the time they aren't racist.

TERFs tell us all the time they aren't TERFs.

Deal with it TERF


mirddes t1_jd1muw1 wrote

affirming biological realities and objecting to being called derogatory slurs is not an ideology of hate.

but the accusations of hatred you spew is surely fueled by hate.

and whilst it was feminists who coined the term TERF, it was so they could call the other feminists TERFs for not agreeing with them. google it.


MaievSekashi t1_jd1rmy0 wrote

> but the accusations of hatred you spew is surely fueled by hate.

"You're hateful for pointing out my hatred!" is shit straight out of the evangelical playbook, you sound like literally any old hatemonger

Your sophistry is fooling nobody and it's highly doubtful you even believe the shit you're spewing yourself, this is bad spin.


Apophthegmata t1_jd1o0dw wrote

  1. This article is about a single author who does not self-identify as a TERF. Nowhere does it raise the claim that no one self identifies as a TERF. The term only even appears twice, once in the first paragraph and once in the last paragraph

  2. The author does identify as a "radical feminist," (the RF of TERF) and merely states that they do not identify as trans exclusionary.

Importantly, they don't identify as cis, despite being a man who is biologically male and "identifies as having an XY chromosome." - which is what the term cis describes. The reason they reject this nomenclature is because they feel that a man identifying as male can only do so by adopting patriarchal attitudes about what masculinity is, and Feminism as a movement ought to be post-gender.

  1. And TERF is a pretty weird-ass thing to identify as. It's a description of a person based upon the effects of their actions. People are welcome to disagree with that description - this person appears to do so - but whether or not you identify as a TERF does not determine whether you are, or are not, a TERF. Lots of characteristics are socially conferred upon individuals, like "being cool" or "being mean." Whether you are or are not cool is not up to you. It's up to literally everyone else. It isn't up to you whether or not you are respecting other people or their boundaries. It's up to them.

If everyone you know says that you aren't cool, you aren't, no matter how much you protest. Unlike "being cool," trans exclusionary politics has some very specific and objectively verifiable measures. "Are trans women women?" is a fairly easy litmus. And the rejection of the question with "identifying as a woman (under patriarchy) is to identify with patriarchy-determined social structures and therefore I identify as an individual with XX chromosomes" - as this author seems to be doing - is frankly such bullshit.

Just because you reframe the question so that it no longer mentions trans people, that doesn't mean it doesn't, practically speaking, exclude trans people, or put their civil and human rights in jeopardy.

  1. This article lays out a very vague defense about how some unspecified other people like to criticize the author on unspecified points regarding policies and the author does not even state where they fall on a number of policy positions regarding trans people.

One might expect, in an article trying to argue that the author is not a TERF, an explanation of how the author's stances and actions don't in fact exclude trans people.

We don't get that. Instead we get a very "just asking questions" vibe and a list of topics that the author thinks is worthy of concern like bathroom use, gendered athletics, "publicly funded surgical removal of healthy tissue," etc. And then a vague and general complaint about how unspecified other people sometimes treat the author's viewpoints as not worthy of discussion or consideration.

Racists don't need to identify as racist to be one. And if I read a comment that said "No-one self-identifies as racist" I'd be inclined to agree, given the morally-laden weight of the accusation. For the same reason they don't identify as xenophobic; they disagree with the terminology, especially the superficial characteristics of the word (I'm not afraid of immigrants), not the behavior which the term describes.

But if that comment, to support the fact that no-one identifies as racist, linked an article about how one specific individual doesn't self-identify as racist for specific personal reasons, and then used that time not to argue why their position isn't racist, but instead to complain about how other people are using words inaccurately....well, I wouldn't take that poster very seriously either.

In any case, this publication doesn't appear to be an unbiased source. The founder and editor of Feminist Current "self-identifies" as exiled in Mexico , a move from Canada to what she describes as a move to "freer pastures" (Mexico!) in...wait for it... 2021.

The actual author, Robert Jenson, doesn't appear to be a TERF in the way that people mean it when they describe someone like Rowling as a TERF. So I can understand why the author is upset.

This is like far-right conservatives getting upset when they're called Nazis because there were actual Nazis at their rallies despite they fact that they don't, personally, identify as a Nazi.

It's a problem of association.

But please don't come on Reddit and try to launder one university professor's personal beliefs on gender as if it supports the claim that TERF is a slur, or that no one identifies as a TERF.

Of course they don't. It's not a good thing to be. That doesn't mean, however, that they don't exist.


SilveredFlame t1_jd1nec5 wrote

Feminism Appropriating Reactionary Transphobe


mirddes t1_jd1nvrl wrote

so just more made up mean things to say, for an oppressed minority you sure seem to want to do the oppressing.

edit: since you blocked me... i'll reply here

i am guilty of genociding your people, because i dont want to parrot your talking points, and because i object to being called irrational slurs.

and because i have objected, i am automatically included in the camp of your opposition.

we all have the right to voice our opinions, and voice our ideological disgreements.

you should be more careful about slandering bystanders lest you lose all your allies.


SilveredFlame t1_jd1o9zy wrote

Nothing mean about what I said. It's true.

Anti trans bigots appropriate Feminist rhetoric and behave as reactionaries, and it's all rooted in transphobia.

DARVO ain't gonna play friend. We're not trying to erase you from existence.

Your side is literally calling for our complete eradication.

A difference of opinion is for things like whether or not pineapple belongs on pizza. Not for whether or not people have a right to exist.

You're upset because people are calling you out for being a hateful bigot. We're upset because people are literally engaging in genocide against us.


Drew9900 t1_jd2avwc wrote

you are quite possibly one of the most sickening people.

Actively trying to seek out injustice when only pointed at yourself, unable to realize the injustice you directly cause others to experience.

When you act like a bitch, you get treated like a bitch.

And so thus, I call you a bitch.



ChuckFeathers t1_jd2lil9 wrote

Nobody identifies as bigot either and yet the term very accurately applies to many.


WhereThighs t1_jd1pe2n wrote

TERFs are majority straight cis women masquerading as lesbians.


dryingsocks t1_jd1sstk wrote

plenty of cis men there who suddenly care a lot about "women's issues". Well, one of the issues.


WhereThighs t1_jd1w9rv wrote

True, you have real shitheel types like Glinner in those ranks, goose stepping along with the rest of them.


mirddes t1_jd1jvo0 wrote

thats how i feel about this whole mess. look how nasty some trans activists get simply because you hold different world views.

love and peace is the only path, but fuck some people are bitter about other people not sharing their world view.

rampant homophobia and hetrophobia abounds among some transactivists.


sir_pants1 t1_jd1qkmx wrote

Look how nasty people become when you deny the fundamental reality of their existence. It'd be like if you excluded lesbians from being women because they are not attracted to men.


mirddes t1_jd2pr2g wrote

>lesbians who have sex with penises are actually bisexuals, not lesbians.

that's what the B in lgBt means.


mirddes t1_jd1qtfm wrote

biology determins sex.people with penises attempting to coerce lesbians into having sex with them are called rapists.

i get accused of genocide because biological reality exists.

i don't care what people wear or what they call themselves.i'll never parrot their talking points however. and for that i'm worse than hitler.


dryingsocks t1_jd1sznc wrote

no one's coercing anyone into anything. You seem to be parroting someone's talking points, and for someone who seems to not like being compared to Hitler your side really doesn't seem to mind standing with actual fucking neonazis


mirddes t1_jd1uqzk wrote

"my side" which side exactly is that? I don't attend marches of any sort, I'm in a room by myself standing alone.

Getting called all sorts of names for not joining your side... Smh..


Breys t1_jd1w148 wrote

No one called you any names. But if you don't want to be lumped into a particular side, check to see who is using the same arguments as you.


PotsAndPandas t1_jd1wkt4 wrote

And yet you're parroting the same script that American conservatives have been laying out for years now, the same script which got recently leaked via 2500 emails to show how manufactured your talking points are.


mirddes t1_jd1x2rt wrote

Bruz I'm just some dude on the internet. Your accusations reek of real paranoia


PotsAndPandas t1_jd1zv0h wrote

A so you're just a sheep then :)


mirddes t1_jd257vq wrote

no, im a cat. meow.
i use meow/meow pronouns, apparently.


PotsAndPandas t1_jd26w1a wrote

0/10 I've seen more original helicopter jokes 10 years ago


mirddes t1_jd27e34 wrote

oh yeah, im an inanimate object
vroom vroom


PotsAndPandas t1_jd27k0x wrote

Sorry that's still a 0/10 from me, you've really gotta get some original material.


mirddes t1_jd285lc wrote


transrights911 t1_jd22f1t wrote

you're on a real save-the-bigots campaign about this story aren't you? you feel any better yet about the fact that that post on r/lgbt got upvoted to the ionosphere, on account of the fact that the vast majority of queer people want nothing to do with those who seek to divide, conquer and destroy us?

looks like story this touched a nerve, huh! you transphobes fuck up, we're gonna call you on it. the devil's in the details.


mirddes t1_jd24arq wrote

i dont think they should have used the wrong image, it was a douche move.

i'm not transphobic for affirming reality.
casting aspersions doesn't win any allies.


transrights911 t1_jd2594g wrote

casting aspersions on those who are dividing the community I love with hate and discord is not just a duty, but a privilege.


mirddes t1_jd25n57 wrote

am i doing those things?

you are free to affirm your truth, no one is stopping you.b
ut your sense of entitlement to campaign against those who don't agree with your truth reeks of totalitarian nonsense. the oppressed wish to become the oppressors.

i have done absolutely nothing to divide our global community.
we are 8billion strong.


ChuckFeathers t1_jd2muaq wrote

Typical bigoted dogwhistle rhetoric.

Rape is nonconsensual intercourse... It does not require a penis.

Biological reality is not binary, and biology has little to do with transphobia, aside from lizard brain fear response.


mirddes t1_jd2pkl4 wrote

lesbians who have sex with penises are actually bisexuals, not lesbians.

that's what the B in lgBt means.


ChuckFeathers t1_jd3o26h wrote

Wtf does that have to do with rape you moron?


mirddes t1_jd4w7qt wrote

sexual harrassment is rape, apparently. its #CurrentYear, everything is Different™ now.


ChuckFeathers t1_jd4xvgz wrote

Come back when you're capable of a coherent thought that doesn't begin and end with being a bigoted troll.


mirddes t1_jd4z4du wrote

that's incredibly have raped my mind with your stupidity.

i can only imagine you'd call lesbians bigots for not fucking your penis.


Breys t1_jd1vtml wrote

It's not about the views you hold. It's what people do with said views. Someone can not like same-sex marriage all they want but if they use that as an excuse to deny the right to other people then that's it deserves push back.


cosmernaut420 t1_jd1jws5 wrote

TERF's gonna TERF so naturally they're too stupid to see past their own bias.


Cala171 t1_jd0785l wrote

This is hilarious!! 😂😆🏳️‍⚧️


CarbonaradeBurke t1_jdgf3hw wrote

I love that we’re downvoting the TERFs. They are just conservatives with bangs


syntaxfunction t1_jd2mbzp wrote

Reddit is sure gonna have a normal one in the comments about this one, right everyone?

Edit: Looking at all the hidden comments, no, they did not lol


tim28347757575 t1_jczs47b wrote

What does this mean in English? Lesbians who want to avoid using trans people in lesbian project used an image with a trans person?


SqueakSquawk4 OP t1_jczt4un wrote

Pretty much. Transphobic group used a trans woman in the material meant to show how good they were.


mirddes t1_jd1scoh wrote


im sorry i couldn't reply directly, the first reply in the chain blocked me and broke reddit.

i'm not even religious, your biases and bigotry are showing... a lot of presumptions about my character don't line up. must because i'm not from your country.

with words like sophistry it's obvious you're concern trolling.


Mkwdr t1_jd23mts wrote

I think you have found out that social media does not attract the sort of demographic that can handle nuanced views. Just remember in the future - J K Rowling wants to personally murder all trans people - and you’ll be more poplar. lol


mirddes t1_jd254x9 wrote

lmfao ikr

i feel like lgbt+ acceptance is at an all time high in the western world, something i personally applaud, and they're screaming genocide. because of nuanced perspectives.

personally i like the idea of replacing all the toilet signs with "Stalls" and "Stalls+Urinals" but i also understand most women don't feel that way.
clear icononography with respect to availability of toilets to the uninitiated and illiterate is also important, symbols are often far more useful than words.

to all people reading this comment
(those are love hearts)

i respect almost everyone's right to exist, some of the worse criminal offenders should be shot on sight.

love, peace, understanding and mutual respect are the cornerstones of positive interactions.


JethroFire t1_jd1lum0 wrote

Anyone that doesn't protect trans is not an ally. Silence is violence. Can we figure out a way to cancel these people?


[deleted] t1_jd0fjhn wrote



JethroFire t1_jd2ijeg wrote

Share your shout. Silence is violence.


projectxtc420 t1_jd2iu0u wrote

My shout about what gender? I’m a str8 male & idc what anybody else’s gender is


projectxtc420 t1_jd2j6cf wrote

I just wish everyone would get along for real. There’s so much hate in the world these days. & mother fuckers lie & make fake news! It ruins our worlds view.


mirddes t1_jd1i18q wrote

no one self identifies as terf

i too reject being called a sissy cis


ICantReadThatName t1_jd1iwoe wrote



FemmeOutsideSociety t1_jd1nfl4 wrote

Sexual orientation does mean something. Lesbians are female homosexuals and deserve their own organization instead of being lumped in with everyone else and expected to cater to dick, which is what makes them "transphobic" in your eyes. Misogyny under a progressive label. Homophobia disguised as "gender identity/trans rights". Same as it ever was.


AshamedPollution5660 t1_jd2mc6y wrote

You're not wrong, you're just talking to the wrong people. Good to see you acknowledge that Trans is an attack on women's only spaces. To be accepted in the rainbow coalition, you have to promote men as the victims, not the woman they oppress.


Throwaway08080909070 t1_jczf4xd wrote

The article is a LOT less interesting than the headline.

> However, it has been discovered that – likely unintentionally – the group has used images of a non-binary and trans masc couple to promote itself.


128Gigabytes t1_jczfj3d wrote

How is that less interesting? Its exactly what the headline said happened


Dextero_Explosion t1_jczrmw8 wrote

They probably misread the headline, like I did the first time. I originally thought it said, "Trans-exclusionary lesbian aliens from the planet Pluto literally explode into tiny pieces."

I mean, Pluto isn't even a planet anymore...


128Gigabytes t1_jczruc6 wrote

That makes sense, I reread it and see how one could misread that


HairyTales t1_jd011z5 wrote

It's an easy mistake to make. And I've never been to Pluto.


Felesio t1_jcztq30 wrote

keeps going on a witch hunt against same sex attracted women.


SqueakSquawk4 OP t1_jczu3az wrote



DeaDGoDXIV t1_jd0cfzg wrote

Don't you know, according to the right you're being homophobic or transphobic if you call out a homosexual or trans person for having shit ideals, even if no where in your criticism is any issue with the person's sexuality. But it's not homophobic or transphobic to try and deny familial rights to homosexuals and trans men and women who want to marry and start families.


mirddes t1_jd29iw4 wrote

i'm confused by everything you just said except the last sentence. denying familial rights for any reason is fucked up.


DeaDGoDXIV t1_jd2rbbh wrote

Yes, you're confused because you're deliberately trying to be. What I said was straightforward.


mirddes t1_jd2tb5y wrote

apparently not joining the latest cult is genocide.


DeaDGoDXIV t1_jd2ux6n wrote

TL;DR if you're LGBT the right will only defend you if you're holding anti LGBT views, and even then only to support their own anti LGBT stance

Now who's not making sense? Fun Fact: the right only likes LGBT folk when we have ideals that align with theirs, and even then won't hesitate to throw us under the bus as sacrifice. The right loved that disgusting pervert Milo Y. (I don't know or care how to spell his last name) because he was a gay man that loudly championed against equality. We kept calling him out for being a disgusting perv and the right called us homophobic, then they found out he defended pederasty and they couldn't be like "Milo who? We never liked that f..." fast enough


mirddes t1_jd1t1xa wrote

transactivists are among the most homophobic and hetrophobic people on the internet, and according to statistics 50% of transfolk don't even want to date transfolk.

denying a lesbian's sexual orientation because it doesn't align with your gender identity is homophobic.

men who do it are called pigs
transwomen who do it are still pigs.


Z86144 t1_jd2hb9u wrote

Any mention of women? Or are they exempt? Just transwomen and men hmm? 🤔


mirddes t1_jd2nw3w wrote

lesbians are obviously not going to fundamentally reject being hit on by women, so why would i call them pigs?


Z86144 t1_jd2ofi1 wrote

What do lesbians specifically have to do with the above generalizations made


mirddes t1_jd2ox5n wrote

that people with penises expecting to get anywhere with lesbians are delusional pigs.

lesbians who have sex with penises are in fact bisexuals, not lesbians.

thats what the B in lgBt means.


Z86144 t1_jd3urss wrote

Why is this centered around lesbians? This is like terf speak lmao


mirddes t1_jd4vnr2 wrote

because im a dude, i like lesbians the most out of all of the LGBTQI+
it's rather logical actually.
Ive always been an LGBTQI ally, until recently apaprently when the T's decided the entire world, including many allies, are committing genocide against their people... smh...


iamdmk7 t1_jd12ml8 wrote

Literally no one but conservatives are doing that.


AlexOfSpades t1_jd0cvyt wrote

you are definitely the victim here bud keep telling yourself that


mirddes t1_jd1icch wrote

the transmovement indeed seems incredibly homophobic and hetrophobic, and are happy to throw around unwanted slurs like "TERF" and "CISSY"

and calling other transfolk "truscum" for thinking the gender dysphoria and medical intervention is required for transitioning.