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DeaDGoDXIV t1_jd0cfzg wrote

Don't you know, according to the right you're being homophobic or transphobic if you call out a homosexual or trans person for having shit ideals, even if no where in your criticism is any issue with the person's sexuality. But it's not homophobic or transphobic to try and deny familial rights to homosexuals and trans men and women who want to marry and start families.


mirddes t1_jd29iw4 wrote

i'm confused by everything you just said except the last sentence. denying familial rights for any reason is fucked up.


DeaDGoDXIV t1_jd2rbbh wrote

Yes, you're confused because you're deliberately trying to be. What I said was straightforward.


mirddes t1_jd2tb5y wrote

apparently not joining the latest cult is genocide.


DeaDGoDXIV t1_jd2ux6n wrote

TL;DR if you're LGBT the right will only defend you if you're holding anti LGBT views, and even then only to support their own anti LGBT stance

Now who's not making sense? Fun Fact: the right only likes LGBT folk when we have ideals that align with theirs, and even then won't hesitate to throw us under the bus as sacrifice. The right loved that disgusting pervert Milo Y. (I don't know or care how to spell his last name) because he was a gay man that loudly championed against equality. We kept calling him out for being a disgusting perv and the right called us homophobic, then they found out he defended pederasty and they couldn't be like "Milo who? We never liked that f..." fast enough


mirddes t1_jd1t1xa wrote

transactivists are among the most homophobic and hetrophobic people on the internet, and according to statistics 50% of transfolk don't even want to date transfolk.

denying a lesbian's sexual orientation because it doesn't align with your gender identity is homophobic.

men who do it are called pigs
transwomen who do it are still pigs.


Z86144 t1_jd2hb9u wrote

Any mention of women? Or are they exempt? Just transwomen and men hmm? 🤔


mirddes t1_jd2nw3w wrote

lesbians are obviously not going to fundamentally reject being hit on by women, so why would i call them pigs?


Z86144 t1_jd2ofi1 wrote

What do lesbians specifically have to do with the above generalizations made


mirddes t1_jd2ox5n wrote

that people with penises expecting to get anywhere with lesbians are delusional pigs.

lesbians who have sex with penises are in fact bisexuals, not lesbians.

thats what the B in lgBt means.


Z86144 t1_jd3urss wrote

Why is this centered around lesbians? This is like terf speak lmao


mirddes t1_jd4vnr2 wrote

because im a dude, i like lesbians the most out of all of the LGBTQI+
it's rather logical actually.
Ive always been an LGBTQI ally, until recently apaprently when the T's decided the entire world, including many allies, are committing genocide against their people... smh...