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PotsAndPandas t1_jd1wkt4 wrote

And yet you're parroting the same script that American conservatives have been laying out for years now, the same script which got recently leaked via 2500 emails to show how manufactured your talking points are.


mirddes t1_jd1x2rt wrote

Bruz I'm just some dude on the internet. Your accusations reek of real paranoia


PotsAndPandas t1_jd1zv0h wrote

A so you're just a sheep then :)


mirddes t1_jd257vq wrote

no, im a cat. meow.
i use meow/meow pronouns, apparently.


PotsAndPandas t1_jd26w1a wrote

0/10 I've seen more original helicopter jokes 10 years ago


mirddes t1_jd27e34 wrote

oh yeah, im an inanimate object
vroom vroom


PotsAndPandas t1_jd27k0x wrote

Sorry that's still a 0/10 from me, you've really gotta get some original material.


mirddes t1_jd285lc wrote


transrights911 t1_jd22f1t wrote

you're on a real save-the-bigots campaign about this story aren't you? you feel any better yet about the fact that that post on r/lgbt got upvoted to the ionosphere, on account of the fact that the vast majority of queer people want nothing to do with those who seek to divide, conquer and destroy us?

looks like story this touched a nerve, huh! you transphobes fuck up, we're gonna call you on it. the devil's in the details.


mirddes t1_jd24arq wrote

i dont think they should have used the wrong image, it was a douche move.

i'm not transphobic for affirming reality.
casting aspersions doesn't win any allies.


transrights911 t1_jd2594g wrote

casting aspersions on those who are dividing the community I love with hate and discord is not just a duty, but a privilege.


mirddes t1_jd25n57 wrote

am i doing those things?

you are free to affirm your truth, no one is stopping you.b
ut your sense of entitlement to campaign against those who don't agree with your truth reeks of totalitarian nonsense. the oppressed wish to become the oppressors.

i have done absolutely nothing to divide our global community.
we are 8billion strong.