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Mkwdr t1_jd23mts wrote

I think you have found out that social media does not attract the sort of demographic that can handle nuanced views. Just remember in the future - J K Rowling wants to personally murder all trans people - and you’ll be more poplar. lol


mirddes t1_jd254x9 wrote

lmfao ikr

i feel like lgbt+ acceptance is at an all time high in the western world, something i personally applaud, and they're screaming genocide. because of nuanced perspectives.

personally i like the idea of replacing all the toilet signs with "Stalls" and "Stalls+Urinals" but i also understand most women don't feel that way.
clear icononography with respect to availability of toilets to the uninitiated and illiterate is also important, symbols are often far more useful than words.

to all people reading this comment
(those are love hearts)

i respect almost everyone's right to exist, some of the worse criminal offenders should be shot on sight.

love, peace, understanding and mutual respect are the cornerstones of positive interactions.