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ChuckFeathers t1_jd2muaq wrote

Typical bigoted dogwhistle rhetoric.

Rape is nonconsensual intercourse... It does not require a penis.

Biological reality is not binary, and biology has little to do with transphobia, aside from lizard brain fear response.


mirddes t1_jd2pkl4 wrote

lesbians who have sex with penises are actually bisexuals, not lesbians.

that's what the B in lgBt means.


ChuckFeathers t1_jd3o26h wrote

Wtf does that have to do with rape you moron?


mirddes t1_jd4w7qt wrote

sexual harrassment is rape, apparently. its #CurrentYear, everything is Different™ now.


ChuckFeathers t1_jd4xvgz wrote

Come back when you're capable of a coherent thought that doesn't begin and end with being a bigoted troll.


mirddes t1_jd4z4du wrote

that's incredibly have raped my mind with your stupidity.

i can only imagine you'd call lesbians bigots for not fucking your penis.