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Bind_Moggled t1_jd3m27u wrote

He didn’t think something might be amiss while he zoomed past every other car on the road?

Sorry, being stupid is not an excuse.


Protean_Protein t1_jd4h8p4 wrote

He knew. He just thought a special kind of clever-stupid would work.


[deleted] t1_jd5wjqf wrote



the_cardfather t1_jd6nxpy wrote

That's the digital speedometer thing. I think every car that I've owned has had an analog speedometer as well that had MPH on top and KPH underneath. I normally use the digital readout for something else.


formerlyanonymous_ t1_jd741rj wrote

My current vehicle lets me choose digital or analog-not both. Analog doesn't show both units, but I can swap to km pretty easy.


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LewisLightning t1_jd6yr48 wrote

Ice had the same trouble with my vehicle at work, but even there where the site speed limit is 30 km/hr, you can notice the difference


ItsNotButtFucker3000 t1_jd4y8q3 wrote

I live right near the border, there are signs everywhere with speed limit conversions and warnings about stunt driving.


Electrical_Ingenuity t1_jd56hco wrote

Yes. Another border dweller here. The Canadian/provincial government makes it embarrassingly obvious that you might want to look at the alternate numbers on your speedometer. They’ve been there since the 70s.


NIN10DOXD t1_jd9dtkk wrote

A lot of modern cars even let you change units on the electronic display now too.


beipphine t1_jd6cw65 wrote

The Speedometer from that 70's car only has one set of numbers, and that set of numbers stops at 85. If the sign says 100, how could he know how fast he's going, the speedometer is pegged at 85.


Senior-Sharpie t1_jd7obyy wrote

I think that cars here should have their speedo’s marked just in kph. 100 kph looks much more badass than 60 (ish) mph!


bengenj t1_jd8csot wrote

Most cars nowadays have both Kph and mph on the speedometer, and the digital displays show the same


ItsNotButtFucker3000 t1_jdaw8t9 wrote

Haha, so true! Mine has kph on the outside, mph on the inside. Most highways have a 100-110 kph speed limit.

It blows me away when I see people trying to justify going over 100mph. Most roller coasters don't go that fast! The one I was on, tallest and fastest at the time (Top Thrill Dragster at Cedar Point) went 120mph and that was fast!


Sp3llbind3r t1_jd7jxpa wrote

What the heck is stunt driving.

Around here we have „Raser“ laws, which kick in at certain level above speedlimit. In 30 km/h -> >70 km/h / 50 -> >100 / 80 —> >140 / 120 -> >200.

they take your car and at a certain point you get a mandatory jail sentence of one year minimum and you lose your license for at least 2 years.

Even below that you get fines on daily rates of your income.

More details here:


rustymacdonald t1_jd8ejpy wrote

It's basically the same as your Raser laws, just a different name and different penalties. But the concept is the same in terms of harsher penalties for being 50km/h over the limit.

The nomenclature of "stunt driving" (performing dangerous, irregular maneouvres for the fun of it) or "street racing" (racing dangerously on public streets with regular traffic present and ignoring limits, signs, and signals) laws is because these were the motivations given for enacting these limits in the first place. That rhetoric caught on and became how people refer to these limits in everyday conversation regardless of whether the limits actually do anything to combat these activities.


ItsNotButtFucker3000 t1_jdavqlc wrote

Stunt driving is basically extreme speeds, going 40+ over in anywhere the speed is 80 or lower, and 50+ if the speed limit is over 80, is considered stunt driving. It's a roadside 30 day license suspension and your car is impounded for 14 days, at your expense, with a fine of $2000-10,000, and 6 demerit points. It's used to be called careless or reckless driving, but they upped it to a new charge.

What you listed is basically stunt driving in Ontario. During the pandemic and lockdowns, people were caught going 100+ over on the empty highways.

I drive a Ford Focus, so it's safe to say I'll never get a stunting charge! (I also don't drive like an asshole)


Crazy_280zx t1_jeb58b5 wrote

40 over isn’t even that crazy. That’s really harsh


BouncingWeill t1_jd4ij2q wrote

"I was just trying to keep up with the Canadians."


noforgayjesus t1_jd4jl6j wrote

Keeping up with the Candians sounds like a much better show than the other one that keeps up with things


xavier120 t1_jd4n6qo wrote

Wasnt that called the Red Green Show?


Protean_Protein t1_jd4nu8l wrote

Royal Canadian Air Farce.


Bind_Moggled t1_jd4pu7a wrote

Trailer Park Boys is closer to the Keeping Up that they’re thinking of.


FriendoftheDork t1_jd5jtue wrote

I'm trying to keep up with the Cardassians myself, but struggling to get into DS9.


not_ch3ddar t1_jd6cmvu wrote

I was driving in the states years ago and saw whatever the limit was on the highway. I went "Holy shit I'm speeding" and slowed right down, and then a split second later was like "wait why is everybody flying by me--ohhhh"

Felt super dumb.


structee t1_jd5atop wrote

Well, all the Canadians in Florida for the winter drive 20 below the speed limit, so if it were me, he'd definitely get the benefit of the doubt.

Edit: Am from Florida


cerryl66 t1_jd5wjzg wrote

They also warn you a bunch on the border crossings, to the point where I was mildly annoyed. I get it now


CAPSLOCKCHAMP t1_jd67ctk wrote

The speed limit is 130 in Ottawa now. I have passed people in the Bay Area and if I hit 100MPH I know I’m going way too fast even with people going 85. Ya this guy isn’t smart but he’s guilty


Telepaul25 t1_jd5ca7n wrote

I’m pretty sure it’s established somewhere (don’t know where) in Canadian law, ignorance of a law is not a defence.


Telepaul25 t1_jd5cbr2 wrote

I’m pretty sure it’s established somewhere (don’t know where) in Canadian law, ignorance of a law cannot be used as a defence.


ArbutusPhD t1_jd63veg wrote

It is silly that we don’t post the units, but we do add the word “begins” under signs in case you thought the new limit applied in, say, 500m


darkonark t1_jd4jj72 wrote

Been to Canada a few times. Every border crossing that I've seen has a large, purposefully-difficult-to-miss sign mentioning that they post speeds and distances in km.


VelvetyPenus t1_jd8m594 wrote

Doesn't mean you know what a kilometer is. China posts street and subway signs in both Chinese and English.


DivineCryptographer t1_jd8qt5b wrote

That would imply the US should be posting their speedlimits in both mph and kmh, since the rest of the world barely uses mph, just like how most of the world doesn’t speak Chinese…


zombienudist t1_jd9nszl wrote

Don't worry us Canadians know you can't figure out how to use a cell phone to do the conversion, so we put up helpful signs for you.

Seriously though if your excuse is you can't figure out what a kilometer is we don't want you here anyway.


TrackVol t1_jd3fqtd wrote

There's no way they truly believe this. This is like the equivalency of a fake "insanity" plea. They're lying, we know they're lying, they know we know they're lying, but they keep up the charade anyway.


DraziBlack t1_jd4bfdb wrote

It doesn't really matter what they believe. Intent is not a requirement for summary offences, nor is negligence.


jnmjnmjnm t1_jd3nh1s wrote

I know a guy who picked up a rental car in Calgary and headed out on the highway to Edmonton. He got pulled over. The previous renter had the digital speedo set to MPH. He got off with a warning.


zedemer t1_jd4cz6i wrote

That's somewhat more understandable, albeit barely.


ErikTheAngry t1_jd4n63s wrote

Hwy 2 is an incredibly busy highway and he would have been driving somewhere around 50kph over the posted speed.

There is no way he didn't know something wasn't right.


thebraddestbrad t1_jd549e8 wrote

He didn't think 177 km/h felt a little fast?


anengineerandacat t1_jd6chp6 wrote

It really depends... in my lil sports-car, 100% but in the SUV it's weird... almost like you are moving slower but somehow going faster.

I could go 120-130 mph in the wife's SUV and it would honestly feel like I was going 100-110 in my car.

Depends on what they were driving and how smooth it handled said speeds along with just how congested the highway was.

Largely empty highway? Don't think I would know if I was going 100-110 unless I was paying attention to the gauges (which when cruising... sorta isn't something I do).


seneeb t1_jd6mwc6 wrote

It's height above the road. 70mph in my semi truck feels slow as molasses in winter

In my Hyundai, not only do feel like I'm wiping my butt on the pavement but 70 feels like I'm flying


jnmjnmjnm t1_jd6k1ck wrote

Exactly. It is also an unfamiliar car, on a not-very busy highway.


Tje199 t1_jd8prm1 wrote

Did you just say that the QEII, Alberta's primary corridor between its two major cities, is a not very busy highway?


jnmjnmjnm t1_jd8uat6 wrote

This was several years ago… and apparently late at night.


zgr024 t1_jd6g956 wrote

125 mph in an Audi RSQ8 feels like 75 mph in a Ford Explosion. The difference is astonishing. I would not put it past someone to not know how fast they are going based on pure judgment, especially if they were in a German automobile


BrunoBraunbart t1_jd6xrjb wrote

I am an engineer at Audi. I've developed the R8, Lamborghini Huracan, Q7, Porsche Cayenne, Lamborghini Usus, Bentley Bentayga and so on.

Yes, those cars feel different but you still realize your speed. You feel at 200km/h as safe as if you are driving 120km/h in a shitty car. But you still understand that you are not going 120km/h.

I once drove a prototype with a setting to MPH. It took me under 5 seconds to realize that. The same was true for a colleague who didn't drive prototypes on a regular basis.


zgr024 t1_jd8mmte wrote

I beg to differ. I just had a passenger today that had never been in an RSQ8. I was traveling at 98mph on a highway, and he looked over and said he thought we were doing 70. Granted I've always had my dash in mph so I can't testify to the notion that it makes any difference, but if you aren't looking, you would never know.


Shot-Spray5935 t1_jd4tmdz wrote

They probably pulled him cuz he was going too slow. The only time you'll see people driving at the speed limit on the QE2 highway is in the middle of a blizzard with near zero visibility and a foot of fresh snow.


RealLongwayround t1_jd542ol wrote

Why would he be going too slow? If the signed speed is 50 km/h and a chap drives at 50 mph then that chap is driving at 30 km/h over the speed limit.


T-ks t1_jd3ka3q wrote

The unit km/h is literally on the speed limit sign


Zkenny13 t1_jd3oy8g wrote

And if you can't notice that you shouldn't be driving.


user745786 t1_jd7ee5p wrote

Yes, literally every single speed limit sign in the province says km/h. Hard to believe someone from New York State would not know.


surmatt t1_jd6li3l wrote

How are you supposed to read that when travelling 110mph?


Omnizoom t1_jd4glam wrote

Where’s the randy marsh

“Oh I’m sorry I thought this was America”


CapHillster t1_jd5fuxm wrote

I had a friend from Europe who claimed he thought the freeway name (I think it was 101?) was the speed limit.

The cop actually let him off.

He's now a C-level exec at a fortune 250 company.


12baakets t1_jd5yh9i wrote

He must be extraordinarily charming.


CapHillster t1_jd5ylp6 wrote

Indeed. I don't think it should give anyone a free pass in breaking the law, but I don't get to decide.


GrandmaPoses t1_jd4el6d wrote

"I'm sorry, officer, I...didn't realize I couldn't do that."


Boondala t1_jd3je9j wrote

What kind of car has a speedometer that does not indicate both MPH and KPH??


Dent13 t1_jd3o2wj wrote

Cars with no intention of being sold in the American or British markets won't have MPH. And older (like 1980s or older) American cars don't have KPH.


permabanned007 t1_jd3sl6e wrote

American cars do have KPH. It’s smaller and underneath the MPH. Even have their own tick marks.


Dent13 t1_jd3y9pg wrote

Not all older cars do. Especially pre 70s oil crisis cars. Pretty much anything made stateside pre 1975 (the year Canada switched to metric) was mostly sold in the States and Canada and there was minimal sharing of parts between production in the US and in other countries. There was really no reason to include KPH on them so they didn't, and even reproduction parts for the cars that managed to become classics tend not to include KPH unless it's on digital gauges.


permabanned007 t1_jd41taz wrote

Thank u for the info. Most running pre-1975 cars here are “classics” that are extremely rare to see on the road if there isn’t a car show that day.


twistedcheshire t1_jd3ypbs wrote

In some cars, you can switch it from Km/h to MPH and back. I had a car that did that, completely forgot I had it set to Km/h and was wondering why I was getting passed by people here in the states...

Yeah, fun times, but it CAN happen! LOL


LuvCilantro t1_jd53pqy wrote

I did the opposite. My car was set to MPH and not KPH, so while the speed limit was 70 kph (around 40 mph), I was gearing up to go up to 70 mph. I only noticed because there was one of those signs that tell you your speed, and when I went by it just said SLOW DOWN.


twistedcheshire t1_jd5pqxz wrote

Ah yes! The fun signs that basically yell at you to slow down. LOL

We have a few of those here in the school zones (which I do appreciate!) but damn, 1 mph over the limit and its trying to slap you. LOL


mickelboy182 t1_jd4frx6 wrote

I don't think cars in Australia have MPH.... might be a setting but nobody would use it for obvious reasons


LuvCilantro t1_jd53y8l wrote

I suspect driving to other countries is not as common for Australians though....


mickelboy182 t1_jd54jm1 wrote

Of course not, though do that many countries still use miles? Seems kinda antiquated.


RealLongwayround t1_jd726m1 wrote

I think miles are used only in the UK, USA, Liberia and Myanmar these days.


[deleted] t1_jd3y4dg wrote



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Camburglar13 t1_jd4azvl wrote

Some only have one set of numbers and you have to go into the settings to choose which units you’re using


LuvCilantro t1_jd53el6 wrote

Our cars have digital dashboards, and the speed is indicated as one large number, not a dial. We can alternate between KM and Miles depending on where we are driving, but we don't get both.


HandsOnGeek t1_jd6sib6 wrote

General motors cars with the computer controlled faux analog gauge packages display only one set of units at a time. You have to push a button on the dashboard to manually switch between mph and kph.


Minionz t1_jd3yj0t wrote

my JDM only has KM. Got a insert/overlay to change it over.


Sputnickky t1_jd3nwel wrote

Was a time when GM vehicles had a metric KPH to MPH conversion switch on the dashboard that read ..and I'm not kidding .. English/Metric.. English ffsakes !


ArenSteele t1_jd48wml wrote

The Imperial System originates from….Imperial England. So Imperial IS the English system. (It’s just that the English one day looked up and said “hey the way the French do this is much better!”


pensezbien t1_jd6n1jt wrote

Love the username! I’m rereading the books now, currently in book 7 of the main series but also working through the other novels and novellas from both authors for the first time.


ArenSteele t1_jd6u53l wrote

It’s actually an Alias I created based on a character from this game I’m probably seriously dating myself. But I assume you are reading the Riftwar books the game was based on? I never read them myself

I’ve used it for online games since EverQuest


pensezbien t1_jd7nsha wrote

I am rereading the Malazan Book of the Fallen series by Steven Erikson. Aren is a city in that world, and weapons made of Aren steel are high quality and hard to break. I was assuming you had just added the “e” to the end of the phrase “Aren steel” to make it sound like a person’s name.


tehjeffman t1_jd43t0d wrote

To be fair, that is the flow of traffic is Texas on all road regardless for speed limit.


Timbo_007 t1_jd58b31 wrote

The price to pay to keep thos Freedom Units


agaric OP t1_jd58sa9 wrote

If you use a measuring system that makes sense, the terrorists win!


thirdeyefish t1_jd5vm6s wrote

There is a sign at the border crossing. Like, a big deal of a sign too.


CertainCertainties t1_jd73yhi wrote

As an Australian, where we changed from miles to kilometres in the 1970s, am trying to remember the imperial measurements that Myanmar, Liberia and the US still use.

So an inch is the king's thumb. Three of those make the scrote, or Richard III's scrotum. And 12 inches makes a king's foot (King Alfred's?). And 3 of those make King Henry VIII's armspan, or a yard. And a bunch of those make a mile. How many?

Has any American considered their current imperial measuring system might be a tad feudal, monarchic and random? (Even though I did invent the 'scrote', the rest of the real imperial units are still a sort of weird, inbred form of measurements you'd reckon would be used by men married to their sisters.)


[deleted] t1_jd8r7t8 wrote



Superb_Elderberry_85 t1_jd9mzqn wrote

Piss off. The US system is an adaptation of the Imperial System:


Osama_Bin_Drankin t1_jd7o2is wrote

Lol, the UK still uses MPH too. The funny thing is in the US, we learn both metric and US customary in school. When I did concrete research in college, all our work was published in metric. Our professors would also purposely mix units in problems to screw with us lol.

Our military, NASA, and some of our industries use metric. Our medicine, alcohol, and soft drinks are measured in metric. All of our scientific research is done in metric. Basically, we could fully switch to metric if we really wanted to, but tbh, there just isn't any political will to do so. Things that need to be in metric, are already in metric.


riktigtmaxat t1_jd7h1rb wrote

To be safe US drivers should just vacation in Liberia and Myanmar.


[deleted] t1_jd3es5v wrote



DaMusicalGamer t1_jd3g1m7 wrote

May wanna check your math there. If he was going 142 and was 62 over, the posted limit would've been 80. And if you've spent any amount of time on US interstates, you know going 10 over isn't anything unusual.

He's still in the wrong, but the excuse at least checks out.


potenpterodactyl t1_jd3hatg wrote

Yeah when I see 80 I go 90

When I see 75 - 90
70 - 85
65 - 80
60 - 70
55 - 60
45 - 45 that’s a speed trap
35 - 40
30 - 30 residential speed limit for arterial
25 - 25 go slow on surface roads for pedestrians and pets


thegreatgazoo t1_jd6ptrc wrote

Can Canada suspend a US driver's license in the US?


bob4apples t1_jd6v2mg wrote

Not clear. To ask a related question: Can New York suspend a New Jersey license?

In this case it is sort of moot because: 1) his car was impounded for 14 days and 2) he still has to wait another 16 days after that before he would be allowed to drive it back to the States.


johnson_united t1_jd7xhw2 wrote

If you’re 52 and don’t know Canada is metric, then you’re the idiot.


zwaaa t1_jd79x5g wrote

Florida man visits Canada.


Sartres_Roommate t1_jd7eo5x wrote

First time I drove to Canada I thought I hit the jackpot with their cheap gas prices...."per gallon"


CurrentlyLucid t1_jd7qlzi wrote

Of course, you see a sign saying 130, you go 130.


VelvetyPenus t1_jd8mubj wrote

What's a kilometer? Isn't that what Cocaine Bear ate?


Dan19_82 t1_jd52a17 wrote

Well you learn something new everyday... British use miles and Australian and American, I'd have thought the last colony would have too.


agaric OP t1_jd52np9 wrote

The Brits use miles but Australians use kilometers


Dan19_82 t1_jd5612p wrote

Oh yeah your right. You'd think I'd know that. Lived there for a year. 😂


collimat t1_jd5mbr7 wrote

142km/h is a stunt? That would be the least exciting show... ever.


jamcdonald120 t1_jd677ul wrote

> Ontario police charged the motorist with stunt driving, prompting ... and their licence to be suspended for 30 days.

Wait? How? Presumably it is a New York License, the Ontario police CANT suspend it.


ash_274 t1_jd6q4ds wrote

They can refuse to recognize it as a valid license to drive a vehicle.

For nearly all purposes, Canadian and American driver licenses are acceptable in each other’s countries as valid ID and proof of proficient driving ability. Ontario can’t ask New York to suspend his license, but Canada can declare his license as invalid for driving purposes.

If you get a DUI in the US in your personal car and later try to drive professionally (class-B or class-A) into Canada, they will turn you away at the border and it’s a huge process to get them to waive the restriction. Doesn’t matter to them if your license is still valid in the US.


e-rekshun t1_jd7m9mr wrote

NY has a reciprocity agreement with Ontario. Ontario tickets and suspensions show on your NY record and vice versa


thebraddestbrad t1_jd540js wrote

110 miles per hour is a totally reasonable speed


vacuous_comment t1_jd4qm7s wrote

> ... but with new vehicles these days, they’re more than capable of being able to switch between miles and kilometres,”

Errrr, what planet does he live on?

I cannot get any of my US specs car to display degrees C, they are stuck on F.

That said, the guy was a moron and deserved his impoundment. Though it does seem a trifle harsh to impound the car for 14 days with the 10 year old in it.


RCX_13 t1_jd5sx6l wrote



dumbledor138 t1_jd6oap8 wrote

I just wouldn’t pay it and wouldn’t go back to Canada


e-rekshun t1_jd7ms4a wrote

NY has a reciprocity agreement with Ontario. Ontario tickets and suspensions show on your NY record and vice versa


dumbledor138 t1_jd8u6bx wrote

Well good thing I don’t live in NY thanks though


e-rekshun t1_jd8vjz8 wrote

The below states also have agreements with Ontario regarding failure to pay. But the article was about a NY resident. And vehicles are seized on the roadside.

  1. Alabama
  2. Arizona
  3. Arkansas
  4. Colorado
  5. Connecticut
  6. Delaware
  7. Idaho
  8. Illinois
  9. Indiana
  10. Iowa
  11. Kansas
  12. Kentucky
  13. Louisiana
  14. Maryland
  15. Michigan
  16. Minnesota
  17. Mississippi
  18. Missouri
  19. Montana
  20. Nebraska
  21. New Hampshire
  22. New Jersey
  23. New Mexico
  24. New York
  25. North Carolina
  26. North Dakota
  27. Ohio
  28. Oklahoma
  29. Oregon
  30. Pennsylvania
  31. Rhode Island
  32. South Carolina
  33. Tennessee
  34. Texas
  35. Utah
  36. Virginia
  37. Washington
  38. West Virginia
  39. Wisconsin
  40. Wyoming
  41. District of Columbia

dumbledor138 t1_jd8wjzr wrote

Georgia 🥳 again I was talking about what I would do. I think most of the redditors on this sub are too much sticklers for the rules for my taste. Hence my reply and the subsequent downvoting


valley_G t1_jd5vvyj wrote

Wait what are they measured in in Canada? Is it the same as Europe?


Lambor14 t1_jd6pdov wrote

Yes, Canada uses km/h as the unit of speed.