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ItsNotButtFucker3000 t1_jd4y8q3 wrote

I live right near the border, there are signs everywhere with speed limit conversions and warnings about stunt driving.


Electrical_Ingenuity t1_jd56hco wrote

Yes. Another border dweller here. The Canadian/provincial government makes it embarrassingly obvious that you might want to look at the alternate numbers on your speedometer. They’ve been there since the 70s.


NIN10DOXD t1_jd9dtkk wrote

A lot of modern cars even let you change units on the electronic display now too.


beipphine t1_jd6cw65 wrote

The Speedometer from that 70's car only has one set of numbers, and that set of numbers stops at 85. If the sign says 100, how could he know how fast he's going, the speedometer is pegged at 85.


Senior-Sharpie t1_jd7obyy wrote

I think that cars here should have their speedo’s marked just in kph. 100 kph looks much more badass than 60 (ish) mph!


bengenj t1_jd8csot wrote

Most cars nowadays have both Kph and mph on the speedometer, and the digital displays show the same


ItsNotButtFucker3000 t1_jdaw8t9 wrote

Haha, so true! Mine has kph on the outside, mph on the inside. Most highways have a 100-110 kph speed limit.

It blows me away when I see people trying to justify going over 100mph. Most roller coasters don't go that fast! The one I was on, tallest and fastest at the time (Top Thrill Dragster at Cedar Point) went 120mph and that was fast!


Sp3llbind3r t1_jd7jxpa wrote

What the heck is stunt driving.

Around here we have „Raser“ laws, which kick in at certain level above speedlimit. In 30 km/h -> >70 km/h / 50 -> >100 / 80 —> >140 / 120 -> >200.

they take your car and at a certain point you get a mandatory jail sentence of one year minimum and you lose your license for at least 2 years.

Even below that you get fines on daily rates of your income.

More details here:


rustymacdonald t1_jd8ejpy wrote

It's basically the same as your Raser laws, just a different name and different penalties. But the concept is the same in terms of harsher penalties for being 50km/h over the limit.

The nomenclature of "stunt driving" (performing dangerous, irregular maneouvres for the fun of it) or "street racing" (racing dangerously on public streets with regular traffic present and ignoring limits, signs, and signals) laws is because these were the motivations given for enacting these limits in the first place. That rhetoric caught on and became how people refer to these limits in everyday conversation regardless of whether the limits actually do anything to combat these activities.


ItsNotButtFucker3000 t1_jdavqlc wrote

Stunt driving is basically extreme speeds, going 40+ over in anywhere the speed is 80 or lower, and 50+ if the speed limit is over 80, is considered stunt driving. It's a roadside 30 day license suspension and your car is impounded for 14 days, at your expense, with a fine of $2000-10,000, and 6 demerit points. It's used to be called careless or reckless driving, but they upped it to a new charge.

What you listed is basically stunt driving in Ontario. During the pandemic and lockdowns, people were caught going 100+ over on the empty highways.

I drive a Ford Focus, so it's safe to say I'll never get a stunting charge! (I also don't drive like an asshole)


Crazy_280zx t1_jeb58b5 wrote

40 over isn’t even that crazy. That’s really harsh