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sharksnut t1_jd4w5vt wrote

TIL Canada punishes an unlicensed reckless driver by taking his nonexistent driver's license away for a whole month


KamadoCrusher t1_jdaxg2l wrote

Unless they have changed the system they will issue him a license to suspend it. It happened to my brother probably 20 years ago. Still hasn't passed a road test but has his license.


superx89 t1_jd4knqc wrote

I mean he’s from Brampton πŸ˜‚

Next incident will be from Surrey


ravendomer t1_jd6elrz wrote

When you screw your driving test so badly that I'm reading about it in the southern US in upstate South Carolina...

I'm suddenly feeling a lot better about my life, poor decisions and all.


BozoidBob t1_jdfv17v wrote

Sounds like someone just might have impulse control issues.