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GhostlyRuse OP t1_jdcnbfa wrote

Ok but the preferable concentration of lead in my chocolate is 0.


michal_hanu_la t1_jdcne3o wrote

Under some threshold it makes no difference to your life or to your total exposure to lead.

In practice there is no such thing as 0.

With Hersheys I would be much more worried about your life being made worse by eating bad chocolate.


Amazingawesomator t1_jdcut8j wrote

The threshold that is safe for human consumption when it comes to lead is zero. Yes, there is a threshold - it is 0.

No amount of lead is safe for human consumption. The amount of lead the FDA allows in food is to allow companies to sell you lead and make money, not because it is healthy.


SomebodyInNevada t1_jdenbjw wrote

If they actually mandated zero then there would be no food for sale. Zero is unattainable.

The basic problem is that it's in the environment, the plants pick it up as they grow. Depending on the product it might be possible to remove some of it, it will never be possible to remove all of it.


gerkletoss t1_jdeuo9m wrote

>The threshold that is safe for human consumption when it comes to lead is zero.

Source? And definition of safe?

I'm not saying that the level of Hershey's chocolate is unacceptable, because I don't know, but clearly absolute zero is not possible.


Amazingawesomator t1_jdeymvc wrote

WHO... I linked it in a different subthread here


gerkletoss t1_jdez8dz wrote

>There is no level of exposure to lead that is known to be without harmful effects.

Do you see how that's a difference sentence from what you said?

Do you see how how every country on earth allows a small but non-zero amount of lead in good because zero is impossible?


Grostleton t1_jdiwyqr wrote

it's a different sentence with identical meaning, reading comprehension much?


supersecretaqua t1_jdof2a7 wrote

Unless you're making the very silly statement that because no one can do it, that it somehow changes the line of what is actually safe.. Then the same thing has been said and you're not actually arguing like you think you are.

Now, if you are saying that... Then you're having a different conversation and are either intellectually dishonest and trolling or just lacking in reading comprehension

Either way, the only actually objective safe value for consumption with lead is 0. Anything above that has risks involved period. We can't achieve 0 though, so there is nothing to do but determine a threshold that will be the most acceptable and that is determined by regulations. Since it's established we CAN'T, there is no other option. But there is still risks and is harmful regardless of regulation. Tangible evidence that any amount is still harmful and every decimal point above 0 that it is, the higher violence is in a community over decades. So...

If you're still struggling don't bother responding, I can't help you if that was too far above your head lol


gerkletoss t1_jdofmds wrote

Safety is relative. There is no line. There's also no lead-free. That's why "no safe amount" is a useless statement.

That's why limits get established. They're actually useful.

>If you're still struggling don't bother responding, I can't help you if that was too far above your head lol

Irony thick enough to swim in


supersecretaqua t1_jdohonr wrote

Lmao I love when idiots try and say you have to stop talking about something if they don't like it

Like an actual toddler screeching about vegetables

Good luck little dented skull


nool_ t1_jdfix84 wrote

You might not want to breath then


michal_hanu_la t1_jdcwi73 wrote

> The threshold that is safe for human consumption when it comes to lead is zero. Yes, there is a threshold - it is 0.

That sound wrong, please do elaborate. What is your definition of safe? Do you have any source for the safe level, matching your definition?

Notice I am not saying lead is healthy, I am saying there is some level below which it is not unhealthy enough to warrant regulation.

And if you consider chocolate, what is the difference it makes to your total amount of lead?


Amazingawesomator t1_jdcylfv wrote


> There is no level of exposure to lead that is known to be without harmful effects.


jmlinden7 t1_jddsdx5 wrote

They can't prove that a low dose is safe. That's not the same as saying that a low dose is proven to be dangerous.


michal_hanu_la t1_jdd354r wrote

And has anyone tested exposure at the levels of what's in the chocolate?

How does it compare to the impact from non-chocolate?

Edit: TODO(me): Get some numbers


BirdsbirdsBURDS t1_jdd95nt wrote

Heavy metal poisoning is a thing, FYI. It’s why mercury concentrations in fish are a problem in the east. Lead is no exception. It builds up in your system because your body can’t eliminate it. “Some lead exposure” is fine, kind of like getting stabbed once or twice is ok, except the cumulation limit is lifetime, rather than over a few minutes.


Bedbouncer t1_jdevjzt wrote

>It builds up in your system because your body can’t eliminate it.

This is simply not true. A quick Google search shows that.


GhostlyRuse OP t1_jdcnhaa wrote

That's not a great comfort.


sprint6864 t1_jddd8mr wrote

I literally made a comment in the thread about Skittles how idiots like this argue that it's their right to be poisoned, and we shouldn't care about removing harmful chemicals where we can


Shizzar_ t1_jdfcbp9 wrote

You think that bad I was a kid still while leaded gas was a thing. How much damage did my generation suffer?


Grostleton t1_jdixe09 wrote

So what? Your generation had it worse so ours shouldn't strive for improvement over what we currently have? True boomer logic right there...


gtacleveland t1_jdctlc7 wrote

Bruh that's life. There is never zero probability of anything. Therecis always a non-zero probability of contamination of any element.


sprint6864 t1_jddd3jt wrote

Bruh, it's literally a controllable variable. You can force companies to remove harmful chemicals from their products, almost every other nation in the world has


jmgloss t1_jdfbs0m wrote

Did you know that there are rat droppings in your food? You'd want 0% of that, if asked. Seems like an easy thing to just say: "no rat droppings in food, please." But there are still rat droppings in food. Why is that?


sprint6864 t1_jdfct55 wrote

Bruh, just eat lead paint and let the rest of civilization actually progress


gtacleveland t1_jddezmg wrote

You can mandate what a specific amount, but you cannot ensure that something is 100% free of a certain chemical or defect or contamination. You can only mitigate the problem to an accepted level, whether that is set by a customer or mandated by the government. I would know, I'm an engineer who deals with quality control in a factory every damn day.


manleybones t1_jddia2s wrote

Who cares what you do, you are still wrong about removing lead.


gtacleveland t1_jddii8x wrote

How am I wrong then? Go ahead ill wait. Either you do not understand what I am talking about or you dont understand statistics.


manleybones t1_jddipb6 wrote

There shouldn't be lead, or plutonium in chocolate. If it can be 100% free of plutonium, it can be 100% free of lead. That's a good thought experiment for your feeble mind.


gtacleveland t1_jddk1iu wrote

No shit Sherlock, of course there shouldn't be any. But it is not physically or statistically possible to be 100% free of it. What do you not understand about this? There is no absolutes. Hell the human body naturally has lead and plutonium and other heavy metals in it. The difference is that there is an acceptable amount that won't harm you.


manleybones t1_jddl0p5 wrote

There is no acceptable level of lead, stop playing interference for the shitty job you do for a shitty employer.


gtacleveland t1_jddm7hz wrote

I understand that you moron. I'm saying it is not physically possible for any product to have 0% lead content, ie, be 100% lead free.

You yourself are not lead free. You were born with lead in your body. You will die with it in your body, and hopefully it never reaches a concentration that does serious harm to your body.

I don't understand what you don't get.


sprint6864 t1_jddfyns wrote

Go enjoy paint chips and leave the rest of society alone. We prefer stopping brain damage, not saying it's something we have no chance to avoid


gtacleveland t1_jddh0ev wrote

Are you stupid or do you not understand statistics? You can mandate a company guarantee their products be 99% free of contamination, or 99.9% free, or even as high 99.99999% free. But you can never guarantee something be 100% free of contamination. There is always risk. The best you can do is mandate a product be within safe limits. In the real world you can get functionally close to 0% or 100% but you can never achieve them.


idratherbeintamriel t1_jdem2yn wrote

The solution is clearly to stop eating hersheys. I don’t think Lindt has this issue


KaisarDragon t1_jdd12xu wrote

If you wanted 100% pure anything, without any impurities you think you want 0% of, you'd have to stop eating. Hell, you'd need to stop breathing.